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The Cereal Rusts Vol I and II
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Selected chapters in pdf format:

Volume I


Contributions of early scientists to knowledge of cereal rusts.  J.F. Schafer, A.P. Roelfs and W.R. Bushnell.  Chapter 1.

Race Specificity and Methods of Study.  A.P. Roelfs.  Chapter 5.


Genetics of the pathogen-host association.  W.Q. Loegering.  Chapter 6.

Histology and molecular biology of host-parasite specificity.  R. Rohringer and R. Heitefuss.  Chapter 7.

Controlled Infection by Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici under artifical conditions.  J.B. Rowell.  Chapter 10.

Developmental ultrastructure of hyphae and spores.  D.E. Harder.  Chapter 11.

Structure and physiology of haustoria.  D.E. Harder and J. Chong.  Chapter 14.

Structural and physiological alteration in susceptible host tissue. W.R. Bushnell.  Chapter 15.

Effects of rust on plant development in relation to the translocation of inorganic and organic solutes.  R.D. Durbin. Chapter 16.

Volume II


Wheat and rye stem rust.  A.P. Roelfs.  Chapter 1.

Wheat leaf rust.  D.J. Samborski.  Chapter 2.

Oat stem rust.  J.W. Martens.  Chapter 4.

Crown rust.  M.D. Simons.  Chapter 5.

Epidemiology in North America.  A.P. Roelfs.  Chapter 13.

Resistance of the race-specific type.  P.L. Dyck and E.R. Kerber.  Chapter 15.

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