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Germplasm Evaluations
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Researchers at the Cereal Disease Laboratory test small grain cultivars and experimental lines to determine their resistance to leaf and stem rust.  In seedling tests in the greenhouse, we inoculate cultivars and lines with selected leaf and stem rust races in an effort to determine the presence of rust resistance genes. In adult field tests, we artificially inoculate nurseries with rust and then rate cultivars and lines on their rust resistance.

Ug99 - field evaluations in Kenya and Ethiopia and greenhouse evaluations


Regional Germplasm Observation (RGON)

Northern Regional Winter Wheat (NRPN)
Southern Regional Winter Wheat (SRPN)

Uniform Eastern Soft Red Winter Wheat (UESRWWN)
Uniform Southern Soft Red Winter Wheat (USSRWWN)

Uniform Eastern Soft White

Hard Red Spring Wheat Uniform Regional (URN, URSN)

Gulf - Atlantic (GAWN)

Mason Dixon (MD)

Southern University Preliminary Yield (SUNPRE)


Western Regional Hard and Soft Spring

Western Regional Hard and Soft Winter

Western Regional Uniform Cooperative Nurseries (WRN)

Facultative and Winter Wheat Observation Nursery (FAWWON)

Wheat Cultivar Leaf Rust Ratings and Gene Postulations


Leaf rust resistance gene postulation in current U.S. wheat cultivars


*For other agronomic and disease observations visit the Hard Winter Wheat Regional Nursery Program (NRPN, RGON, SRPN, and WPRPN) website

Last Modified: 4/10/2017
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