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Key Publications
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1.   Peterson, S. C., Echeverr?a, I., Hahn, S. F., Strand, D. A., and Schrag, J. L.  Apparent relaxation-time spectrum cutoff in dilute polymer solutions:  An effect of solvent dynamics.  J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys. Ed. 39 (22):2860-2873.  2001.


2.   Peterson, S. C.,Fanta, G. F., Adlof, R. O., and Felker, F. C.  Identification of complexed native lipids in crystalline aggregates formed from jet cooked cornstarch.  Carb. Polym. 61 (2):162-167.  2005.


3.   Peterson, S. C., Eller, F. J., Fanta, G. F., Felker, F. C., and Shogren, R. L.  Effects of critical fluid lipid extraction on the gelatinization and retrogradation of normal dent cornstarch.  Carb. Polym. 67 (3):390-397.  2007.


4.   Peterson, S. C., Eller, F. J., Fanta, G. F., Felker, F. C., and Shogren, R. L.  Comparison of the effects of critical fluid and reflux-extracted techniques on cornstarch pasting properties.  Carb. Polym. 71 (1):74-79.  2008.


5.   Peterson, S. C. and Jong, L.  Effect of wheat flour pre-cooking on the composite modulus of wheat flour and carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex.  Compos. Part A 39 (12):1909-1914.  2008.


6.   Peterson, S. C. and Jong, L.  Effect of shearing on the reinforcement properties of vital wheat gluten.  J. Elastom. Plast. 43 (3):207-220.  2011.


7.   Peterson, S. C.  Evaluating corn starch and corn stover biochar as renewable filler in carboxylated styrene-butadiene rubber composites.  J. Elastomers Plast. 44 (1):43-54.  2012.


8.   Peterson, S. C., Jackson, M. A., Kim, S., and Palmquist, D. E.  Increasing biochar surface area: Optimization of ball milling parameters.  Powder Technol. 228 (1):

      115-120.  2012.


9.   Peterson, S. C.  Utilization of low-ash biochar to partially replace carbon black in SBR composites.  J. Elastom. Plast. 45 (5):487-497.  2013.


10.Peterson, S. C., Appell, M., Jackson, M. A. and Boateng, A. A.  Comparing corn stover and switchgrass biochar: characterization and sorption properties.  Can. J. Agr. Sci. 5 (1):1-8.  2013.


11.Peterson, S. C. and Jackson, M. A.  Simplifying pyrolysis; using gasification to produce corn stover and wheat straw biochar for sorptive and horticultural media.  Ind. Crops Prod. 53 (1):228-235.  2014.

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