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Key Publications
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Protein Isolation

Selling, G. W., Hojilla-Evangelista, M. P., Evangelista, R. L., Isbell, T., Price, N. and Doll, K. M. Extraction of proteins from pennycress seeds and press cake.  Ind. Crops Prod. 41:113-119.  2013.


Selling, G. W. and Woods, K. K. Improved isolation of zein from corn gluten meal using acetic acid as solvent. Cereal Chem. 85:202-206.  2008.


Hojilla-Evangelista, M. P., Evangelista, R. L., Isbell, T. A. and Selling, G. W. Effects of cold-pressing and seed cooking on functional properties of protein in pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) seed and press cakes. Ind. Crop. Prod. 45:223-229.  2013.
Zein Characterization
Selling, G. W., Hamaker, S. and Sessa, D. J. Effect of solvent and temperature on secondary and tertiary structure of zein by circular dichroism. Cereal Chem. 84:265-270.  2007.

Zein Variability
Selling, G. W., Lawton, J., Bean, S., Dunlap, C., Sessa, D. J., Willett, J. L. and Byars, J. Rheological studies utilizing various lots of zein in N,N-dimethylformamide solutions. J. Agric. Food Chem. 53(23):9050-9055.  2005.

Zein Article production
Solution Processing       

Woods, K. K. and Selling, G. W. Improved tensile strength of zein films using glyoxal as a crosslinking reagent. J. Biobased Material and Bioenergy. 1:281-287.  2007.


Woods, K. K., Selling, G. W. andCooke, P. H. Compatible blends of zein and polyvinylpyrrolidone. J. Poly. Environ. 17(2):115-122.  2009.


Selling, G. W. andBiswas, A. Blends of zein and nylon-6. J. Poly. Environ. 20(3):631-637.  2012.


Selling, G. W., Maness, A., Bean, S. and Smith, B. Impact of thiocyanate salts on physical, thermal and rheological properties of zein films. Cereal Chem. 90:204-210. 2013.


Zein Article production
Melt Processing

Selling, G. W., Sessa, D. J. and Palmquist, D. E. Effect of water and tri(ethylene) glycol on the rheological properties of zein. Polymer. 45(12):4249-4255.  2004.


Woods, K. K. and Selling, G. W. Melt reaction of zein with glyoxal to improve tensile strength and reduce solubility. J. Appl. Poly. Sci. 109:2375-2383.  2008.


Selling, G. W.,Woods, K. K., Biswas, A. and Willett, J. L. Reactive extrusion of zein with glyoxal. J. Appl. Poly. Sci. 113:1828-1835.  2009.


Selling, G. W. and Woods, K. K. U. S. Patent Number 7,771,528B2. Processing for producing zein articles with limited solubility.  2010.


Selling, G. W. The effect of extrusion processing on zein. Poly. Deg. Stab. 95:2241-2249.  2010.


Shogren, R. L., Selling, G. W. andWillett, J. L. Effect of orientation on the morphology and mechanical properties of PLA/starch composite filaments. J. Poly. Environ. 19:329-334.  2011.


Selling, G. W. U. S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/609,336. Process for producing improved zein articles.  2012.


Selling, G. W., Biswas, A., Patel, A., Walls, D., Dunlap, C. and Wei, Y. Impact of solvent on electrospinning of zein and analysis of resulting fibers. Macromol. Chem. Phys. 208:1002-1010.  2007.


Selling, G. W.,Woods, K. K., Sessa, D. and Biswas, A. Electrospun zein fibers using glutaraldehyde as the crosslinking reagent:  Effect of time and temperature. Macromol. Chem. Phys. 209:1003-1011.  2008.


Selling, G. W., Woods, K. K. and Biswas, A. Electrospinning formaldehyde crosslinked zein solutions. Poly. Int. 60:537-542.  2011.


Selling, G. W.,Woods, K. K., Biswas, A. Electrospun zein fibers using glyoxal as the crosslinking reagent. J. Appl. Poly. Sci. 123:2651-2661.  2012.

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