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Atanu Biswas is a Research Chemist with USDA at Peoria, IL.  For 33 years, Dr. Biswas has made significant contributions to diverse fields of research ranging from food research to medicinal/polymer/analytical chemistry or bio-energy. Dr. Biswas is internationally recognized for his pioneering work in development of bio-based plastics, coatings, films, hydrogels, absorbents, and bio-lubricants from agricultural products such as polysaccharides, vegetable oil, protein, edible beans, cotton, agricultural byproducts, etc.


For 14 years, Dr. Biswas worked at Hercules Incorporated, a chemical company in Wilmington, Delaware. He discovered several new resins, polymers, chemicals, some of which Hercules sold as adhesives, peroxy chemicals, polymer modifiers, etc. Dr. Biswas's research accomplishments have been documented by 90 articles and numerous invited talks at national or international scientific meetings. Since 2004, in 9 years Dr. Biswas authored 56 peer reviewed journal publications of which Dr. Biswas is the primary author of 30 papers.

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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