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United States Department of Agriculture

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PPL Specialized Research Resources
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?  Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK-30 co-rotating twin screw extruders with multi-port
    injection, feeding or venting capability, coupled with liquid and solid mass
    flow meters to perform reactive extrusion

?  Leistritz 18 mm co-rotating twin screw extruders with multi-port or venting 

?  Brabender single screw extruder

?  Cincinnati Milacron ACT75B injection molder

?  Brabender and Haake torque rheometers

?  Material characterization equipment including high-pressure DSC, TGA, HPLC,
    GC, FFF with MALLS, FRAP, laser turbidmeter, IFR and pendant drop  
    interfacial tensiometers, contact angle, ultracentrifuges, AFM, SEM, optical
    microscopes, luminescence, ARES G2 rheometer, zeta potential analyzer,
    dynamic light scattering

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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