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PPL Research Project Summaries
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PPL / Plant Polymer Research Project Summaries
Current Research Projects

Modification of Natural Polymers by Novel Processes
Develop new processes to chemically or physically modify starch and cellulose polymers and residues; identify new catalysts to derive natural polymers; determine the effects of processing on structure and establish the properties and functionalities of those structures.
Nonfood Utilization of Cereal and Soy Based Co-Products
Develop new chemistries and processes to modify the chemical, physical and functional properties of cereal and soy based co-products and their components, increasing their usability as value-added materials.
Advanced Starch-based Materials for Nonfood Applications
Increase understanding of molecular interactions in multicomponent starch-based materials; develop optimal processing methods and produce prototype articles with acceptable mechanical properties to generate new or expanded industrial markets for cereal grains and co-products.

Properties of Bio-Based Elastomeric Composites
Develop improved rubber composites and their applications by substituting bio-based fillers from renewable resources for petroleum-based fillers (carbon black).

Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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