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Science Rocks
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AgLab Scientists Work with Kids to Show Everyday Microbes

Thank you to all of those who participated in our activity!  Here are photos of your plates containing yeasts, molds and bacteria that are commonly found in the environment.  Some of these came directly from your hands, shoes, table, and even cell phones!  Although some of these organisms will still be left behind on your hands after hand washing, it is important to practice good hand washing habits to remove microbes that may cause disease.  We pick up germs from everything we touch, some good, some not so good. If you have questions you can contact

The Dirty Dozen

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/dirtydozen.jpg

The Clean Team

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/cleanteam.jpg



How dirty is your plate?

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks1-2.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks2.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks5-6.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks7-8.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks9-10.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks11-12.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks13-14.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks15-16.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks17-18.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks19-20.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks21-22.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks23-24.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks25-26.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks27-28.jpg

/ARSUserFiles/50100525/images/science rocks 2018/sciencerocks29-30.jpg