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USDA, ARS, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR)     

                                                                              Student Researcher Day 


The multi-disciplinary research staff at NCAUR focuses on metabolic engineering, fermentation, food safety, environmental quality, biomaterials and processing technologies. 

Hundreds of commercial products have been developed from the results of more than 60 years of research, with economic benefits that defy measure.  The investments made in basic and applied research programs generate new products and technology from US agricultural commodities, contribute to the public good and continually improve our quality of life.

After reviewing and recognizing the impact of some historic accomplishments at this laboratory, you'll see how the work of NCAUR scientists in the past helped create the future we live today.

Once you've glimpsed the potential of some current projects, you'll see how the visionary work of NCAUR scientists today is impacting the future we will live tomorrow.

This is NCAUR.  Where the future is created.       

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