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Miho Yoshioka
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Phone: (309) 681-6585

Fax: 309-681-6693

Room: 3107



1815 N University

Peoria, IL 61604


MS, Biology, 

BS, Environmental Studies,


Biological control of mosquito vectors that impact human health.

Biological control of crop plant pathogens and optimization of control efficacy of microbial agents used.

Past research pursued questions in aquatic invasive species ecology, behavioral ecology, and life history evolution.


Molecular screening for biological control candidates from field-collected mosquitoes.


Cell culture of biocontrol yeast antagonist and testing control efficacy against Fusarium graminearum pathogen-induced Fusarium head blight in wheat through lab- greenhouse- and field-experiments (with D. Schisler)

Cell culture of biocontrol Pseudomonas triculture bacteria and testing methods to optimize control efficacy against Fusarium sambucinum pathogen-induced dry rot in post-harvest potatoes (with D. Schisler and P. Slininger [BER])





 Schisler, D.A., M. Yoshioka, M. M. Vaughan, C. A. Dunlap, A. P. Rooney. 2018. Non-viable biomass of biocontrol agent Papiliotrema flavescens OH 182.9 3C enhances growth of Fusarium graminearum and counteracts viable biomass reduction of Fusarium head blight. Biological Control.

Yoshioka, M., K. Summers, C. Meeks. 2016. Evidence for begging as an honest signal of offspring need in the biparental mimic poison frog. Animal Behaviour 113: 1-11.

Yoshioka, M. 2015. Tadpole begging behavior and parent-offspring interactions in the Peruvian mimic poison frog. Master’s Thesis. East Carolina University.

Layhee, M., M. Yoshioka, B. Farokhkish, J. Gross, A. Sepulveda. 2014. Toxicity of a traditional molluscicide to Asian clam veligers. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 5 (1) 141-145.

Yoshioka, M., J. Couret, F. Kim, J. R. McMillan, T. R. Burkot, E. Dotson, U. D. Kitron, G. M. Vazquez Prokopec. 2012. Density dependence in larval performance and female oviposition site selection in the mosquito species Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae). Parasites and Vectors 5 (225): 1-11.

Rabinovich, J.E., U.D. Kitron, Y. Omed, M. Yoshioka, N. Gottdenker, L. F. Chaves. 2011. Ecological patterns of blood feeding by kissing bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae). Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 106 (4): 479-484.           


2015-AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Semi-finalist

2014-Colombian Association of Zoology Travel Grant for Colombian Congress of Zoology $750

2014-East Carolina University (ECU) Martha N. Jones Environmental Biology Scholarship $2500

2014-ECU Graduate Scholar Award $2000/semester, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 (4 semesters)

2012 Emory Open Access Publishing Award $1500

2011 Emory Honors Program: Highest Honors Award

2010-2011-Emory SIRE Research Grant $1500

2010-2011-James G. Lester Research Fellowship $5000

2010-Emory International Programs Grant $1500

2010-Organization for Tropical Studies Scholarship $600

2008-2009 Emory Merit-Based Tuition Grant: $1858

2007 Georgia HOPE Undergraduate Scholarship: $2550/semester, 2007- 2011 (8 semesters)

Invited Conference Lectures and Departmental Seminars

2017. “Non-viable antagonist cells are associated with reduced biocontrol performance by viable cells of the yeast Papiliotrema flavescens against Fusarium head blight of wheat” 2nd author (presented by 1st author D.A. Schisler) at MiCROPe International Symposium: Microbe-Assisted Crop Production: Opportunities, Challenges & Needs, Vienna, Austria.
2015 “Begging as an honest signal in a Peruvian poison frog” first author on research at 52nd Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society, Anchorage, AK
2015 “Tadpole begging behavior and parent-offspring interactions in the mimic poison frog” at East Carolina University (ECU) Dept. of Biology Research in Progress Seminar Series, Greenville NC
2014 “Offspring Signaling and Parental Care in Ranitomeya imitator” (in Spanish) at Anuran Parental Care symposium in Latin American Congress of Herpetology and Colombian Congress of Zoology, Cartagena, Colombia.
2014 “Testing the function of offspring begging behavior in Peruvian mimic poison frog Ranitomeya imitator” (poster) at ECU Research and Creative Achievement Week Graduate Symposium, Greenville, NC.
2011 “Fitness consequences of oviposition site selection by the mosquito species Aedes albopictus” (poster) at Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory University Research Symposium, Atlanta, Georgia