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Key Publications
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Detergents from natural materials

Shogren, R. L., Doll, K. M.,Willett, J. L., and Swift, G.  Solvent-free polymerization of L-Aspartic acid in the presence of D-Sorbitol to obtain water soluble or network copolymer.  J. Polym. Enviro. 17:103-108.  2009.


Doll, K. M., Erhan, S. Z.  Polyol and amino acid based biosurfactants.  Book Chapter for "Biobased Surfactants", AOCS press. 425-448.  2009.


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Swift, G., Westmoreland, D. G., Willett, J. L., Shogren, R. L., and Doll, K. M. Methods of synthesis of polymers and copolymers from natural products.  U.S. Patent 7256251. 2007.


Doll, K. M.,Shogren, R. L, Willett, J. L., and Swift, G.Solvent-free polymerization of citric acid and D-Sorbitol.  J. Poly. Sci. A.  44:4259-4267.  2006.


Doll, K. M. and Erhan, S. Z. Synthesis and performance of surfactants based on epoxidized methyl oleate and glycerol.  J. Surfact. Deterg. 9(4):377-383.  2006.


Studies of the Vitamin B-12 mechanism

Doll, K. M. and Finke, R. G. Adenosylcobinamide plus exogenous, sterically hindered, putative axial bases:  a reinvestigation into the cause of record levels of Co-C Heterolysis.  Inorg. Chem. 43(8):2611-2623.  2004.


Doll, K. M. and Finke, R. G. A compelling experimental test of the hypothesis that enzymes have evolved to enhance quantum mechanical tunneling in hydrogen transfer reactions: the ?-neopentylcobalamin system combined with prior adocobalamin data.  Inorg. Chem. 42(16):4849-4856.  2003.


Doll, K. M., Bender, B. R. and Finke, R. G. The first experimental test of the hypothesis that enzymes have evolved to enhance hydrogen tunneling.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125:10877-10884.  2003.


Fuel properties

Sharma, B. K., Moser, B. R., Vermillion,K. E., Doll, K. M., Rajagopalan, N.  Production, characterization and fuel properties of alternative diesel fuel from pyrolysis of waste plastic grocery bags.  Fuel Processing Technology 122:79-90.  2014.


Doll, K. M., Sharma, B. K., Suarez, P. A. Z., and Erhan, S. Z.  Comparing biofuels obtained from pyrolysis, of soybean oil or soapstock, with traditional soybean biodiesel:  Density, kinematic viscosity and surface tensions.  Energy + Fuels 22:2061-2066. 2008.


Doll, K. M., Moser, B. R., Erhan, S. Z.  Surface tension studies of methyl esters and epoxidized methyl esters relevant to oleochemical based fuel additives.  Energy and Fuels 21:3044-3048.  2007.


Synthesis using supercritical carbon dioxide

Swift, G., Doll, K. M., Shogren, R. L., Holser, R. A., and Willett, J. L. Synthesis of polysuccinimide and copoly(succinimide-aspartate) in a supercritical fluid.  U.S. Patent 6887971. 2005.


Doll, K. M., Shogren, R. L., Holser, R. A., Willett, J. L., and Swift, G. Polymerization of L-aspartic acid to polysuccinimide and copoly(succinimide-aspartate) in supercritical carbon dioxide.  Lett. Org. Chem. 2:687-689.  2005.


Alkene metathesis chemistry


Doll, K. M.  Increased functionality of methyl oleate using alkene metathesis.  International Journal of Sustainable Engineering (Manuscript submitted, 05-28-13, accepted 9-23-13).  2014.


Holser, R. A., Doll, K. M., Erhan, S. Z.  Metathesis of methyl soyate with ruthenium catalyst.  Fuel 85:393-395.  2006.


Development of lubrication additives


Arca, M., Sharma, B. K., Perez, J. M., Doll, K. M.  Gear oil formulation designed to meet bio-preferred criteria as well as give high performance.  International Journal of Sustainable Engineering 6(4):326-331.  2013.


Erhan, S. Z,Doll, K. M., Sharma, B. K.  Method of making fatty acid ester derivatives.  U.S. Patent 8173825.  2012.


Development of new analytical methods


Doll, K. M., Vermillion, K. E., Liu, Z., Fanta G. F.  Diffusion coefficient of water in a hydrogel polymers measured by NMR imaging.  Journal of Applied Polymer Science 125:E580-585.  2012.


Doll, K. M., Erhan, S. Z.  Evaluation of a sugar based edible adhesive utilizing a tensile strength tester.  Journal of Laboratory Automation 16:153-156.  2011.


Doll, K. M.  A convenient low resolution NMR method for the determination of molecular weight of soybean oil based polymers.  Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation 14:185-189.  2009.


Critical analysis of accepted mechanisms


Doll, K. M., Hwang, H-S.  Thermal modification of vegetable oils.  Lipid Technology 25(4):83-85.  2013.


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