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2001 Reprints
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1131. Amundson, G.B., E. Uscanga and F. Forcella. 2001. Glue retains seeds in shatter-prone weed seedheads. North Central Weed Sci. Soc. 56:22. PDF: 7K.
954. Archer, David W., Frank Forcella, James J. Eklund and Jeff Gunsolus. 2001. WeedCast Version 2.0. Available from:
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935. DeJong-Hughes, J.F. Moncrief, W.B. Voorhees and J.B. Swan. 2001. Soil Compaction: Causes, Effects and Control. University of Minnesota Extension Service #FO-3115-S. 15 pp.
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956.Gesch, Russ W., Vu, Joseph C.V., Allen Jr., L. H., Boote, Kenneth J. 2001. Photosynthetic responses of rice and soybean to elevated CO2 and temperature. Recent Research Developments in Plant Physiology 2 (2001): 125-137.  PDF: 881 K
1132.Gonzalez-Andujar, J.L., F. Forcella, G. Kegode, R. Gallagher and R. Van Acker. 2001. Modelizaci?n de la emergencia de plantulas de avena loca (Avena fatua L.) usando tiempo hidrotermal. p. 243-246. In Proc. Sociedad Espa?ola de Malherbolog?a Congreso 2001. Le?n, Spain. 20-22, Nov. 2001.
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1147.Ibekwe, A. M., S. K. Papiernik, J. Gan, S. R. Yates, D. E. Crowley, and C. -H. Yang. 2001. Microcosm enrichment of 1,3-dichloropropene-degrading soil microbial communities in a compost-amended soil. J. Appl. Microbiol. 91:668-676. PDF: 292 K.
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1217.Jaradat, A.A. 2001. G enetic resources, management and horticultural aspects of date palm production using saline water resources in the GCC countries. 115 pp.
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1253.Lachnicht, S.L. and P.F. Hendrix. 2001. Interaction of the earthworm Diplocardia mississippiensis (Megascolecidae) with microbial and nutrient dynamics in a subtropical Spodosol. Soil Biol. Biochem. 33:1411-1417. PDF: 120 K.
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992.Li, Y., M.J. Lindstrom, M. Frielinghaus and H.R. Bork. 2001. Quanitfying the Spatial Patterns of Soil Redistribution and Soil Quality on two Contrasting Hillslopes.. pp. 556-563 in: D.E. Stott, R.H. Mohtar and G. C. Steinhardt (eds). Sustaining the Global Farm. Selected papers from the 10th International Soil Conservation Organization Meeting.
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