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In The News
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Lisbeth Louderback The Four Corners Potato - Conserving an ancient food from Escalante, Utah (YouTube clip)

Clip by Hungry, Inc. SEEDS OF TIME - Potato Collecting (YouTube)Notes about the film

Archaeology Magazine March/April 2020 - In Search of Prehistoric Potatoes

Spudman August 2019 - Frost-resistant potato developed by Wisconsin, Peruvian researchers

Grow Summer 2019 - Peru | New Potato Helps Farmers Weather the Frost

Spudman April 2019 - Battling the Beetle - Genetic map for resistance is known, but persistent pest continues to adapt

Potato Grower January 2019 - The Archaeology of Potatoes

University of Wisconsin-Madison News Valuable potato specimens transferred to Wisconsin State Herbarium

Green Bay Press Gazette Crossroads: It's winter, but golden potatoes are sprouting at learning center

Edible Door Spring 2018 Issue No 20 - Breaking News: POTATO BEER!

John Deere Homestead March 2018 - Potato Protector - Three acres of global sanctuary for the world's potatoes

John Deere Furrow March 2018 - Tater Treasure Trove - Potato genetics are protected in Wisconsin gene bank

Potato Grower February 2018 - Kenosha Potato Project Keeps Potato Diversity Alive

Badger Common'Tator August 2017 - INTERVIEW John Bamberg U.S. Potato Genebank

Morning Ag Clips First use of wild potato in N. America

Green Bay Press Gazette Sturgeon Bay Holds Seeds For the World

Agro Noticias The Technological Revolution of The Potato

Badger Common'Tator April 2016 - Criolla Tasting

Capital Press March 2016 - Researchers identify markers for better spud quality

Badger Common'Tator November 2015 - Insuring Genetic Diversity Through Germplasm Collection

Capital Press August 7, 2015 (Researchers use wild potatoes to develop better hybrids)

Door County Magazine Summer 2015 - The Science of Spuds

Grow Fall 2013 - Potato Exchange Benefits Peruvians

Badger Common'Tator November 2013 - Russian Potato Scientists Visit Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin CALS External Relations Potato Exchange Benefits Peruvians

Curzio - Seed Savers Exchange (October 2012) - Visiting the Potato Research Station

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel August 6, 2012 - Spud bank stores world's varieties

Grow fall 2011 - A simple sprinkle improves yields in potato's homeland

The Country Today May 2010 - Drawing interest, paying dividends

Badger Common'Tator November 2009 - Potato Improvement Using Exotic

PVMI Potato Variety Management Institute - Newsletter

The Capital Times State's potato genebank keeps world spud supply safe

Badger Common'Tator August 2006 - Common Tater Interview

Somos 2007

Spudman May 2004 - Nematode Defense

Spudman February 2004 - Late Blight Breeding

Door County Magazine Summer 2004 - Experimental Farm

Agricultural Research Magazine | USDA March 2003 - Calcium Rich Potatoes

Spudman April 2003 - Calcium Rich Spuds

Agricultural Research Magazine | USDA November 2003 - Germplasm System

John Deere Furrow January 2003 - Vavilov Collection

Business Week April 2003 - Calcium-Friendly Genes

Potato Grower November 2002 - Banking on Genes

The Grower May 1999 - Money in the Genebank

Agricultural Research Magazine | USDA December 1998 - Why In Situ?

Agricultural Research Magazine | USDA September 1998 - Conserving the World's Plants

Valley Potato Grower March 1998 - U.S. Potato Genebank

Agricultural Research Magazine | USDA March 2007 - Veggies Reinvented

John Deere Furrow December 1980 - Why The World Will Be Eating More Potatoes


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