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Genebank Holdings
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Data generated by the links below is provided by the Germplasm Resource Information Network (GRIN database) located in Beltsville, MD.  To query the GRIN database, go to the Grin-Global search page.

You can search for a particular plant introduction number, a repository ID number, clone names, genus or species names and more. Or a combination of any or all of the above search variables may be entered into an advanced search. The search results will consist of collection information, availability information, and will also provide links to the evaluation data for the accession or accessions queried.

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Below are direct links to potato lists from the GRIN database

  1. Species list with number of populations
  2. All wild species populations available as botanical seeds
  3. All cultivated species populations available as botanical seeds
  4. Named tuberosum cultivars as clones in vitro
  5. Selected Andean primitive cultivars as clones in vitro
  6. Genetic stocks
  7. Breeding stocks

Below are links to lists of new genebank material with brief descriptions

  1. In vitro clones - cultivars, breeding and genetic stocks
  2. Botanical seed stock - breeding and genetic stocks

Germplasm is available to order in small quantities for research purposes. The germplasm distributed from our site is generally sent out as true botanical seeds (50 seeds) or in vitro plantlets (3 tubes).

  1. For online ordering, go to the Grin-Global web site, create a user profile and order via the GRIN shopping cart
  2. You can also send your request to us directly to our Contact info. Please include your name, organization, address, phone number, the type of research, breeding or educational work you are conducting, and accession identifiers desired.