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Simon: Release: Olympiad
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The United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service,
and the California Agricultural Experiment Station announce the release of
OLYMPIAD tested under pedigree (B3475xB4367)xB9253.  OLYMPIAD is a fresh
market hybrid carrot adapted for production in both organic and mineral soils
where Imperator 58, Gold Pak, and the hybrids Orlando Gold and Golden State
are grown.

OLYMPIAD was evaluated for commercial acceptability in trials at the
University of California Imperial Valley Field Station (IVFS) in 1983 and
1984, and at Zellwood, Florida in 1983.  In 1984 the Florida trial was lost to
a winter freeze.  Following are scores based on values of 1 = unacceptable, 2
= poor, 3 = fair, 4 = good, and 5 = excellent.

                                       19831                    19841
Entry                              IVFS         FL               IVFS
OLYMPIAD                           3.4          1.4                3.7
Candy Pack                         2.4          2.3                3.0
Orlando Gold                       3.0          3.3                2.8
Golden State                       3.4          3.4                2.4
A Plus                             2.6          2.9                1.9
Imperator 58                       2.6          2.7                1.4
16 Commercial hybrids2             2.6          2.4                ---
5 Commercial hybrids               ---          ---                2.5

Range of Commercial Entries        1.7-3.2      1.7-3.2            2.2-2.9

125 judges at IVFS; 27 at Florida; 49 at IVFS in 1984

216 commercial entries in 1983 were:  Woodland, Chrisna, Packer, Sierra,
Paramount, Javelin 80, Aristo Pack, El Presidente, Spartan Fancy 80,
Chancellor, Dagger 78, Diplomat, Pak Mor, Fanci Pak, Dominator, and Six Pack.
The 5 in 1984 at IVFS were:  Sierra, Javelin 80, Chancellor, Dagger 78, and
Six Pack.

These values demonstrate that OLYMPIAD is well adapted in California and
should be competative with available hybrids on the basis of appearance.  It
appears to be poorly adapted to the muckland area of central Florida and is
not recommended except for trial.
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Laboratory assays for total carotenes and taste-panel evaluation for flavor
demonstrated high vitamin A potential and probable acceptability on the basis
of flavor.  Following are carotene and flavor values for roots from 1983 and
1984 trials.

                            (ppm. Fresh Wt.)                   Flavorl

                            1983           1984                 1984
                        FL        IVFS     IVFS                 IVFS
OLYMPIAD                 147       134      160                  3.76
Orlando Gold             134       140      165                  3.81
A Plus                   139       162      153                  4.33
Golden State             123       115      133                  4.23
Candy Pack               143       131      ---                  ---
Imperator 58              75       105      121                  3.95

lbased on mean score by 28 trained tasters.  1 = very low preference to
7 = highly preferred.  LSD.05 = 0.55

One component of the female parent (B3475) was released and distributed to
U.S. seedsmen in April 1983. The other (B4367) was first released in 1977
under the number B2158-1 as the pollen parent for hybrid Candy Pack. Since
then it has been reselected and supplied to seedsmen as B4367. The pollen
parent B9253 was released and distributed in September 1984.

Pilot production of hybrid OLYMPIAD, accomplished in 1983 by Arco Seed Co.,
will be pro-rated to competing seed producers at a reasonable wholesale price,
on orders received before March 1, 1985.  This provision in the standard
production agreement ensures competing seed producers a means of supplying
their customers while initiating their own production.  The supply from 1983
production is limited and no production was undertaken in 1984.

Seed of the F1 female parent (B3475xB4367) and the pollen parent (B9253) was
increased by Arco under the same agreement in order to provide interested
seedsmen with enough stock seed to undertake immediate production.  Seedsmen
who wish to produce OLYMPIAD should request a production share of stock seed.
Those wishing to test these parents in experimental combinations should
request experimental samples for that purpose.  Requests should be addressed
to C. E. Peterson, USDA, ARS, Department of Horticulture, University of
Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706.

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