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Simon: Release: MSU5931, MSU6000
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                          MICHICAN STATE UNIVERSITY
                             East Lansing, Mich.

                                                          June 3, 1968

                 OF CARROT INBRED LINE MSU 5931, MSU 6000 AND THE
                     HYBRID SPARTANSWEET (MSU 5931 x MSU 6000)

    The Department of Horticulture, Michigan Agricultural Fxperiment Station
announces the release of two inbred carrot lines for the production of the F1
market-type hybrid SPARTANSWEET (MSU 5931 x MSU 6000).

    The seed-parent inbred, MSU 5931, is a male-sterile of the petaloid type
developed with the original wild-carrot cytoplasm first described and provided
for our program by Dr. Henry Munger of Cornell University.  Both the sterile
(MSU 5931S) and its maintainer (MSU 5931M) will be distributed.  This line was
derived from the open-pollinated variety, Imperator.  It has been progeny tested
through five successive backcross generations without producing fertile rogues.

    The pollen parent was derived from the variety Empress inbred to S2 then mass
selected for three generations.  Both lines are relatively free from green
shoulder and green or yellow core.  The F1 approximates the variety Imperator in
length and type.  It is recommended for trial as a fresh market carrot or for
processing as a sliced carrot in areas where Imperator is acceptable.

    SPARTANSWEET has been tested at the Michigan State University Muck Experi-
mental Farm for three years where it produced yields comparable to Imperator
and was judged to be superior to Imperator in flavor and both exterior and
interior color.  It was widely distributed for experimental trials in 1967 and
received favorable coment from widely scattered producing areas.  In 1968,
extensive commercial trials are being conducted by Dr. Clark Nicklow with
fresh-market carrot producers in Michigan.

    MSU 5931 and MSU 6000 are released with the following understanding:

    1.  These lines are considered fully released and may be used by seedsmen
        for development of hybrid combinations with lines of their own origin
        or from other sources.  The combination MSU 5931 x MSU 6000 will be
        sold or otherwise distributed only under the name SPARTANSWEET.

    2.  The hybrid carrot seed producer will inform the Michigan Agricultural
        Experiment Station of the extent to which these inbreds are used in
        commercial hybrids.

    3.  Since these inbred lines have shown some promise as open-pollinated
        varieties the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station reserves the
        right to name and release either or both as commercial varieties.

    4.  Any seed producer accepting seed under this agreement will thereby
        bind itself to the above stipulations.  The Michigan Agricultural
        Experiment Station reserves the privilege of refusing, for an in-
        definite period, additional releases to seedsmen failing to observe
        these stipulations.

    Seed of the inbred lines grown under greenhouse or screen isolation will be
distributed to prime producers of carrot seed who make a request in writing to the
Dept. of Horticulture, Michigan State University, East Lansing, on or before June 17
                                                 C.E. Peterson