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Simon: Release: B3080, B3640
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Germplasm Release - Carrot Inbred Lines B3080M, B3640S & M, and B2158-1
                         Agricultural Research Service
                             Washington, D.C. 20250

                          The University of California
                             Davis, California 95616


                             The University of Idaho
                               Moscow, Idaho 83843

        RELEASE OF CARROT INBRED LINES B3080M, B3640S & M, and B2158-1

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the California and Idaho Agricultural
Experiment Stations announce the release of three carrot inbreds, B3080M,
B3640S & M, and B2158-1 for use in production of market-type hybrid carrots.

B3080M originated from a cross between two inbred maintainers.  An F3 line
selected at Brawley, California, was increased under screen and crossed with
petaloid male-sterile inbreds to identify acceptable single-cross hybrids
and to determine if it would maintain sterility.  The F1 combination
B3640S x 3080M was male sterile and produced satisfactory seed yields in
pilot production plots in Idaho and Washington.

B3640 and B2158-1 originated from an open-pollinated synthetic made up of
several established maintainer lines derived from market varieties.  B3640S
is in the BC4 generation.  B3640M and B2158-1 were advanced to S3, then mass
selected for increase under screen.  All were selected at Brawley, California,
for adaptability to growing conditions in the Imperial Valley. They are
superior in color and uniformity to varieties currently popular in California.

Seed produced under screen isolation will be distributed to carrot seed
producers who make a request to:  Dr. C. E. Peterson, 211 Horticulture
Building, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, by June 25, 1976.

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      Director, California Agricultural                  Date
Experiment Station

  /s/ Raymond J. Miller                                 6/8/76
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Experiment Station

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