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Simon: Pubs: 94sexp0282
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Sex Plant Reprod (1994) 7:282-286

M. R. Pooler . P. W. Simon

True seed production in garlic

Received: 8 November 1993 / Revision accepted: 1 February 1994

Abstract  Despite a long history of obligate vegetative propagation, selected garlic clones can produce sexual seeds. By removing vegetative topsets from the inflorescence and cutting inflorescences from the underground bulb, 63 germinable seeds were produced from 11 garlic clones in Wisconsin. Protein analysis of the seedlings confirms their snygamic origin. The generation of new recombinants through sexual reproduction could have a major impact on garlic production worldwide.

Key words  Allium sativum L. . Sexual reproduction

M. R. Pooler1. P. W. Simon (envelope)
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Department of Horticulture, University of Wisconsin,
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