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Simon: Carrot Sources
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Some Sources of Carrot Varieties for United States Home Gardeners

If you have any additional information for this list, please send it to Doug Senalik

Company addresses and phone numbers are listed at the end of the list. To jump directly to the company address information, click on the company name in the list below.

Carrots aren't always orange! Though carrots of various colors have existed for hundreds of years in various parts of the world, a few carrots with different pigments are becoming commercially available - Check the color column to see what is available.

CompanyVariety Name
(exactly as listed in company's seed catalog)
orange unless noted
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.#1 Chantenay HybridH 
2006Reimer Seeds[Mix]Gourmet Mix Blend Orange + Red
2006Burpee[Mix]Kaleidoscope Mix
2006The Cook's Garden[Mix]Kaleidoscope Mix Mix
2006Bountiful Gardens[Mix]Mixed Varieties  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsAdelaide (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsAdelaide Baby (F1)H 
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsAdelaide F-1H 
2005Twilley SeedsAdelaide HybridH 
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAmarillo Yellow
2006Bountiful GardensAmarillo Yellow Yellow
2001Seeds of Change Deep DiversityAsian Indian Red Red
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Atomic Red Red
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006Jordan SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006New England SeedAtomic Red Red
2006Nichols Garden NurseryAtomic Red Red
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyAtomic Red Red
2006Reimer SeedsAtomic Red Red
2006ShumwayAtomic Red Red
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyAtomic Red Red
2006Bountiful GardensAutumn King  
2006ShumwayAutumn King  
2006Thompson & MorganAutumn King 2  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyBabetteH 
2006Bountiful GardensBelgian White White
2006BurpeeBig Top  
2006Territorial Seed Co.BoleroH 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsBolero (F1)H 
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsBolero (F1)  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsBolero F-1H 
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyBoleroH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyBolero HybridH 
2007West Coast Seedsbolero f1H 
2006BurpeeBurpee A#1 HybridH 
2006Bountiful GardensCamberley  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsCamberley  
2007West Coast Seedscampestra op  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsCanada Gold (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Reimer SeedsCandy Stick  
2006Reimer SeedsCarolineH 
2006Gurney'sCaroline HybridH 
2006Park SeedCaroline HybridH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyCaropak HybridH 
2006Thompson & MorganCarson F1 HybridH 
2006Bountiful GardensChantenay  
2006Jordan SeedsChantenay  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyChantenay  
2006Reimer SeedsChantenay  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryChantenay #1H 
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsChantenay Red Core  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeChantenay Red Core  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryChantenay Red Core - Heirloom  
2006VeseysChantenay Red Cored  
2006New England SeedRed Core Chantenay  
2006Reimer SeedsRed Core Chantenay  
2006Seeds of ChangeRed Core Chantenay  
2006BurpeeRed Cored Chantenay  
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Red Cored Chantenay  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsRed Cored Chantenay  
2006Thompson & MorganRed Cored Chantenay  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsRed-Cored Chantenay  
2007Victory Seed CompanyChantenay, Red-Cored  
2006BurpeeRoyal Chantenay  
2006Harris SeedsRoyal Chantenay  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsRoyal Chantenay  
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsRoyal Chantenay  
2006Reimer SeedsRoyal Chantenay  
2006Territorial Seed Co.Royal Chantenay  
2007West Coast Seedsroyal chantenay op  
2006Earl May Seed & NurseryRoyal Chantenay (Coreless)  
2007Victory Seed CompanyChantenay, Royal  
2006Seeds of ChangeRoyal Chantenay Supreme  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyChantilly HybridH 
2006The Cook's GardenCook's Custom Blend Orange + Yellow
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsCoral II F-1H 
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsCosmic Purple Purple
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsCosmic Purple Purple
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Cosmic Purple Purple
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsCosmic Purple Purple
2006Jordan SeedsCosmic Purple Purple
2006New England SeedCosmic Purple Purple
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyCosmic Purple Purple
2006Reimer SeedsCosmic Purple Purple
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyCulinary Mix Orange + Yellow + White
2006ShumwayCosmic Purple Purple
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsDanvers  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyDanvers  
2006Territorial Seed Co.Danvers  
2007West Coast Seedsdanvers op  
2005Twilley SeedsDanvers #126 Improved  
2006Jordan SeedsDanvers 126  
2006New England SeedDanvers 126  
2006Reimer SeedsDanvers 126  
2006Seeds of ChangeDanvers 126  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeDanvers 126  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsDanvers 126 Half Long  
2007Victory Seed CompanyDanvers 126  
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryDanvers Half Long  
2006Gurney'sDanvers Half Long  
2006J. L. HudsonDanvers Half Long  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsDanvers Half Long  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeDanvers Half Long  
2006Earl May Seed & NurseryDanver's Half Long  
2006BurpeeDanvers Half Long (Heirloom)  
2006ShumwayDanvers Half-Long  
2006J. L. HudsonDaucus carota var. carota 'Queen Anne's Lace'  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsDragon Purple
2007West Coast Seedsdragon carrot Purple
  Dragon - See also 'Purple Dragon' Purple
2006Sunshine FarmsDutch Golden Yellow
2006ShumwayEarly Chantenay, Red-cored  
  Early Coreless - See Scarlet Nantes  
2006Bountiful GardensEarly Market  
2006Bountiful GardensEarly Nantes  
2006Thompson & MorganEarly Nantes  
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryEnvy  
2006Gurney'sEnvy HybridH 
2006Henry Field'sEnvy HybridH 
2006Henry Field'sFancy  
2006Reimer SeedsFlyawayH 
2006Thompson & MorganFlyaway F1H 
2007West Coast Seedsflyaway f1HPurple
2006Jordan SeedsForto (Nantes Type)  
2006Renee's Garden SeedsFrench "Bolero"H 
2006Renee's Garden SeedsFrench, "Baby Babette"H 
2006Henry Field'sGold King  
2006Jordan SeedsGold King  
2006Reimer SeedsGold King  
2007Victory Seed CompanyGold King  
2006Reimer SeedsGold Pak  
2006Renee's Garden SeedsGourmet "Round Romeo"  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsGourmet Carrot Blend Yellow + Red + Orange
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsHealthmaster  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryHealthmasterH 
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsHealthmaster  
2006Reimer SeedsHealthmasterH 
2006Thompson & MorganHealthmaster F1H 
2007West Coast Seedshealthmaster f1H 
2006BurgessHealthmaster HybridH 
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryHealthmaster HybridH 
2006Jordan SeedsHyb. Candy StickH 
2006Jordan SeedsHyb. EnterpriseH 
2006Jordan SeedsHyb. LegendH 
2006Jordan SeedsHyb. Sweetness IIH 
2006Earl May Seed & NurseryHybrid IngotH 
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryImperator  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyImperator  
2007Victory Seed CompanyImperator  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeImperator (Tendersweet)  
2006Jordan SeedsImperator 58  
2006New England SeedImperator 58  
2006Reimer SeedsImperator 58  
2006Thompson & MorganInfinity F1 HybridH 
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeIngot - hybridH 
2006Thompson & MorganIngot F1H 
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Ingot HybH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyIngot HybH 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsIthaca (F1)H 
2006Park SeedIthaca HybridH 
2006Bountiful GardensJames Scarlet Intermediate  
2006Seeds of ChangeJapanese Imperial Long  
2006Thompson & MorganJeanette F1H 
2006Bountiful GardensJuwarot  
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsKinbi (F1)HYellow
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyKing Midas  
2006Renee's Garden SeedsKing Midas  
2006Thompson & MorganKingston F1H 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsKinko 4"  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsKinko 6  
2006Henry Field'sKuroda  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsKuroda  
2006New England SeedKuroda  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyKuroda  
2006Reimer SeedsKuroda  
2006The Cook's GardenKuroda  
2006Harris SeedsKuroda F1H 
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsKuroda Long 8inch  
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Kuroda PS  
2006ShumwayKuroda PS  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyKuroda PS  
2006Seeds of ChangeKurota Chantenay  
2006Reimer SeedsKuttiger White
2006Territorial Seed Co.Kuttiger White
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryLady Finger  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLittle Finger  
2006BurpeeLittle Finger  
2006Earl May Seed & NurseryLittle Finger  
2006Henry Field'sLittle Finger  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsLittle Finger  
2006J. L. HudsonLittle Finger  
2006Jordan SeedsLittle Finger  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyLittle Finger  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsLittle Finger  
2006Seeds of ChangeLittle Finger  
2006ShumwayLittle Finger  
2006Thompson & MorganLittle Finger  
2006New England SeedLittle Fingers  
2006Reimer SeedsLittle Fingers  
2007Victory Seed CompanyLittle Fingers  
2006Reimer SeedsLong Orange Improved  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsLunar White White
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsLunar White White
2006New England SeedLunar White White
2006Nichols Garden NurseryLunar White White
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyLunar White White
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsLunar White White
2006Territorial Seed Co.MeridaH 
2006Jordan SeedsMinicor  
2006Reimer SeedsMinicor  
2006The Cook's GardenMinicor  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyMinicor  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeMinicor (Amsterdam Minicor)  
2007West Coast Seedsminicor op  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryMinicore  
2006Territorial Seed Co.MokumH 
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsMokum (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsMokum (F1)H 
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsMokum F-1H 
2006Territorial Seed Co.Nantaise  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsNantes  
2006Reimer SeedsNantes  
2006Redwood City Seed Co.Nantes (1 lb. size only)  
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryNantes Coreless  
2006Seeds of ChangeNantes Coreless  
2007West Coast Seedsnantes coreless op  
2006BurpeeNantes Half Long  
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Nantes or Coreless  
2006New England SeedNantes, Coreless  
2007Victory Seed CompanyNantes Improved  
2006Jordan SeedsNantes Scarlet  
2007Victory Seed CompanyNantes Scarlet  
2006ShumwayEarly Coreless or Scarlet Nantes  
2006BurpeeScarlet Nantes  
2006Earl May Seed & NurseryScarlet Nantes  
2006Gurney'sScarlet Nantes  
2006Harris SeedsScarlet Nantes  
2006Henry Field'sScarlet Nantes  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsScarlet Nantes  
2006J. L. HudsonScarlet Nantes  
2006Park SeedScarlet Nantes  
2006Seeds of ChangeScarlet Nantes  
2005Twilley SeedsScarlet Nantes  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyScarlet Nantes  
2006VeseysScarlet Nantes  
2007West Coast Seedsscarlet nantes og  
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangeScarlet Nantes (Coreless, Nantes 1/2 )  
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsScarlet Nantes (Nantes)  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyScarlet Nantes (Nantes)  
2006Harris SeedsNantindoH 
2006Reimer SeedsNantindoH 
2006Territorial Seed Co.NapaH 
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsNapoli (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsNapoli (F1)H 
2006The Cook's GardenNapoli HybridH 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsNavarino  
2006Territorial Seed Co.NelsonH 
2007West Coast Seedsnelson f1H 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsNelson (F1)H 
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsNelson F-1H 
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Nelson HybridH 
2006Park SeedNelson HybridH 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsNevis (F1)H 
2005Twilley SeedsNevis HybridH 
2006Thompson & MorganNigel F1 HybridH 
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsNutri-Red Red
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsNutri-red Red
2006Reimer SeedsNutri-Red Red
2006BurpeeOrange Rocket HybridH 
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsOxheart  
2006Seeds of ChangeOxheart  
2006Bountiful GardensParabel  
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsParmex  
2006The Cook's GardenParmex  
2006Thompson & MorganParmex  
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsParmex Baby Ball  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsPot 'O Gold (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryPot 'O Gold HybridH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyPot O' Gold HybridH 
2006Park SeedPot O'Gold HybridH 
2007West Coast Seedsprodigy  
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Prodigy HybridH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyProdigy HybridH 
2006Bountiful GardensPurple Dragon Purple
2006BurpeePurple Dragon Purple
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsPurple Dragon Purple
2006Reimer SeedsPurple Dragon Purple
2006Southern Exposure Seed ExchangePurple Dragon Purple
2006The Cook's GardenPurple Dragon  
  Purple Dragon - See also 'Dragon' Purple
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Purple Haze Purple
2006Nichols Garden NurseryPurple Haze Purple
2006Reimer SeedsPurple Haze Purple
2006Territorial Seed Co.Purple Haze Purple
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyPurple Haze Purple
2006VeseysPurple Haze Purple
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsPurple Haze (F1)HPurple
2006Harris SeedsPurple Haze F1H 
2006Thompson & MorganPurple Haze F1HPurple
2006Park SeedPurple Haze HybridHPurple
2006Park SeedRainbow White + Yellow + Orange
2006Thompson & MorganRainbow White + Yellow + Orange
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsRainbow (F1)HYellow + White + Orange
  Red Cored Chantenay - See Chantenay  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryResistaflyH 
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyRainbow Mix White + Yellow + Red + Orange
2006Thompson & MorganResistafly F1 HybridH 
2006Territorial Seed Co.Rodelika  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyRomeo  
2006The Cook's GardenRothild  
  Royal Chantenay - See Chantenay  
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsRumba  
2006Bountiful GardensSaint Valery  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsScarlet Keeper  
2006Seeds of ChangeScarlet Keeper  
  Scarlet Nantes - See Nantes  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsShin Kuroda 5 inch  
2006BurpeeShort 'n Sweet  
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsSnow White White
2007West Coast Seedssnow white organic op  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplySolar Yellow Yellow
2006Seeds of ChangeSt Valery  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsSt. Valery  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsSugarsnax (F1 Hybrid)H 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsSugarsnax 54 (F1)H 
2006Thompson & MorganSugarsnax 54 F1H 
2006VeseysSun 255  
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplySunshine Mix Yellow and Orange
2006Renee's Garden SeedsSunshine Orange and Yellow Yellow and Orange
2006BurpeeSweet Rocket HybridH 
2006BurpeeSweet Treat HybridH 
2006Farmer Seed & NurserySweetness  
2006BurgessSweetness IIH 
2006Nichols Garden NurserySweetness IIH 
2006Reimer SeedsSweetness IIH 
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Sweetness II HybH 
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanySweetness II HybH 
2006Park SeedSweetness II HybridH 
2006ShumwaySweetness II HybridH 
2005Twilley SeedsSweetness II HybridH 
2006New England SeedSweetness II Improved HybridH 
2006VeseysSweetness III  
2006Gurney'sSweetness III HybridH 
2006Henry Field'sSweetness III HybridH 
2006Thompson & MorganSytan  
2006Farmer Seed & NurseryTendersweet  
2006Henry Field'sTendersweet  
2006Reimer SeedsTendersweet  
  Tendersweet - See also 'Imperator'  
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsThumbelina  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryThumbelina  
2006Reimer SeedsThumbelina  
2006Territorial Seed Co.Thumbelina  
2005Twilley SeedsThumbelina  
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyThumbelina  
2007Victory Seed CompanyThumbelina  
2007West Coast Seedsthumbelina op  
2006Pinetree Garden SeedsThumbelina SG  
2006Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsTonda di Parigi  
2006Reimer SeedsTouchon  
2006The Cook's GardenTouchon  
2006Nichols Garden NurseryTouchon - Heirloom  
2006BurpeeTouchon (Heirloom)  
2006BurpeeToudo II HybridH 
2013Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden SupplyTricolor Circus CircusHWhite + Orange + Purple
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsVitana (F1)H 
2006BurpeeViva La France HybridH 
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsYaya  
2006Johnny's Selected SeedsYellowstone Yellow
2006Kitchen Garden SeedsYellowstone Yellow
2006Nichols Garden NurseryYellowstoneHYellow
2006Park SeedYellowstone Yellow
2006Reimer SeedsYellowstoneHYellow
2006ShumwayYellowstone Yellow
2006Territorial Seed Co.Yellowstone Yellow
2006The Cook's GardenYellowstone Yellow
2005Twilley SeedsYellowstone Yellow
2006Thompson & MorganYellowstone F1HYellow
2006Irish Eyes and Garden City SeedsYellowstone F-1HYellow
2006J. W. Jung Seed Co.Yellowstone HybridHYellow
2006Vermont Bean Seed CompanyYellowstone HybridHYellow

Non-orange carrots available from wholesalers

Entries with * are available in the home gardener list above

Addresses of seed companies selling carrots