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2019 Special Observance Calendar and Resources


January 21
(3rd Monday of January)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday  
(Note: Federal Holiday Observance)   

African American (Black) History Month   
(Note: Special Emphasis Program) 

Women's History Month 
(Note: Special Emphasis Program)    

April 25 
(4th Thursday of April)  
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 
(Note: Outreach/Diversity Observance) 

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month
(Note: Special Emphasis Program) 

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Month
(Note: Special Emphasis Program) 

August 26         Women's Equality Day
(Note: Diversity Observance)

September 15 -  
     October 15       
Hispanic Heritage Month 
(Note:  Special Emphasis Program) 

Disability Employment Awareness Month     
(Note: Special Emphasis Program) 

November    Veterans Day    
(Note: Diversity Observance) 
                                Native American Heritage Month  
(Note: Special Emphasis Program)

       Note: For the purposes of ARS' Civil Rights Compliance Review, observances for the eight special emphasis groups named above are required. Conducting events for the other listings in the CY 2016 monthly Department-wide observances (i.e., Federal Inter-Agency Holocaust Remembrance Program, etc.) are at the location's discretion.