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8/27/10    Potential SDS-resistant soybeans on the horizon.   Story about work on controlling sudden death syndrome and soybean rust in soybeans includes quote from ARS-Urbana scientist Randall Nelson.


8/27/10   Tofu Ingredient Yields Formaldahyde-Free Glue for Plywood and Other Wood Products.   Press release distributed by the American Chemical Society about work by ARS-Madison scientist Charles Frihart on the development of soy-based glues that use a substance in soy milk and tofu and could mean a new generation of more eco-friendly furniture, cabinets, flooring, and other wood products.


8/27/10   'Soyscreen': Sunscreen for Fungus to Expand Biological Control of Crop Pests.   Report on work by ARS-Peoria scientist Robert Behle on the development of a soy-based "sunscreen" that could enhance efforts to use the fungus Beauveria bassiana as a biocontrol.


8/27/10   Pretty, powerful.   Story about a field day at the ARS-Morris lab with information about the lab's research on oilseed crops for bioenergy production. ARS-Morris scientist Russ Gesch is quoted.


9/3/10   Test finds E. coli in beef faster, could better trace outbreaks.   Story about work at Purdue University on E. coli detection methods notes that ARS helped to fund the research.


9/3/10   Centers for Animal Health bolster Mid-Iowa economy.  Feature about the new National Centers for Animal Health facility in Ames includes quotes from NADC director Kurt Zuelke.


8/20/10    Balance between residue, soil fertility recommended.   Feature about work by ARS-Ames scientist Doug Karlen on residue research includes many quotes from Karlen. Iowa Farmer Today is a tabloid distributed to 70,000 farm owners and operators in and around Iowa each week.


8/20/10  Wanted: growers with a pioneering spirit.  Feature on specialty crops includes quotes from ARS-Morris scientist Russell Gesch and Peoria scientist Terry Isbell.


8/20/10   Researchers alter cow diets to help environment.   Feature about research on cow nutrition includes quotes from ARS-Madison researcher Glen Broderick. The Philadelphia Inquirer is the third oldest surviving daily newspaper in the United States. It provides general news to about 390,000 people in the Philadelphia area and beyond.


8/13/10   Scientists Progressing on Scab Project.   Researchers at USDA's ARS Bioprotection Research Unit in Peoria, are studying a beneficial yeast that tolerates fungicide.


7/30/10    Growers collaborate to address challenges.  ARS scientists are collaborating with a number of other partners to support the greenhouse industry in northwest Ohio.


7/23/10   Mapping out pathways to better soybeans.   From a July 19 news feed by Jan Suszkiw. Some 40,000 seed professionals from around the world use the SeedQuest site every month. 


7/23/10   Batteries Still Not Included?   In a post about the role of government in scientific research, blogger Edward Tenner cites ARS research in Peoria in the 1940s on the development of penicillin.


7/23/10   'Business as Usual' Crop Development Won't Satisfy Future Demand, Research Finds.   ARS-Urbana scientist Don Ort is quoted in a story about his research on how global climate change is affecting food production.


7/16/10  Cutting Fat-and Calories-from Cakes and Frostings.   Delicious new cakes and frostings may someday contain less fat and fewer calories, thanks to work by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists such as Mukti Singh. She's based at the ARS National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR) in Peoria, Ill.


7/9/10  'Business as usual' crop development won't satisfy future demand.   ARS-Urbana scientist Don Ort is quoted in a story on how global climate change is affecting food production.


7/9/10  Ag lab workers hear call to establish garden that benefits community.    Feature about one of the "People's Gardens" maintained by NCAUR staff.


7/2/10  Urban Gardening, Part 2: Greenhouse Technology.   Feature on state-of-the-art greenhouse production includes information on the computer program "Virtual Grower," which was developed by ARS scientists.


6/25/10  Grassed Waterways Including Compost Filter Socks Reduce Soil Erosion and Herbicide Concentrations from Fields.   Report on research conducted in part by ARS-Coshocton scientists Martin Shipitalo and Lloyd Owens, who found that mesh tubes filled with composted bark and wood chips can reduce sediment flow and retain dissolved chemicals in field runoff. Also distributed by ARS via a Newswise and EurekAlert! press release. Also in

6/25/10  Vegetables grown on land next to research plots will benefit area organizations.   Feature about garden started up by ARS-Urbana scientist Marty Williams next to his research plots includes several quotes from Williams. The produce will be donated to area food banks and soup kitchens. The Champaign News-Gazette is published daily in Champaign, Illinois and has a circulation of 42,800.

6/18/10   Wild Potato Germplasm Holds Key To Disease Resistance.   From a June 16 news feed by Stephanie Yao., a website that features news about science, space, and technology, receives over 5 million visitors every month. Also in, the companion website for Ag Professional magazine, which is read by 28,500 retailers, independent crop consultants, professional farm managers and CCAs. Also in Seedquest,, and Science Daily, is one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine and has about 15 million page views a month. The editors of Popular Science magazine chose it as one of the "Top 50 Web Sites." Also distributed by ARS via a EurekAlert! press release.

6/18/10   USDA Cropland Study Confirms Conservation Practices Work on Farms in Upper Mississippi River Basin.   From a June 16 USDA press release that notes ARS's participation in CEAP. Also in Environment New Service, the original daily international wire service posting news about the environment. It was was established in 1990 and is independently owned and operated. Also in

6/18/10   Resistant wheat rebuilds cell walls when attacked by Hessian flies.   Feature on work by ARS-West Lafayette scientists Christie Williams and Jill Nemacheck indicating that plants that can resist attack by Hessian fly larvae produce higher levels of surface waxes and cutin, a molecule responsible for cell rigidity and integrity. In plants susceptible to the fly larvae, the genes thought to be responsible for cutin production were turned off, likely by the attacking larvae. Farm and Ranch Guide is distributed free to over 34,000 qualified farmers and ranchers in North Dakota and Minnesota with additional paid subscribers in South Dakota and Montana.

6/18/10   Saving the soil and maintaining corn yields; research says yes to both.   Story about Iowa State University research on cover crops includes quotes from ARS-Ames collaborator Jeremy Singer on the results to date. From an ISU press release distributed via EurkeAlert! Also in Seedquest.

6/18/10   Research into dairy farming.   From a May 28 news feed by Chris Guy. The website for the Meat Trade News Daily, which is published in England, provides news updates to producers in the meat industry.

6/4/10  USDA Detects Antimicrobial-Resistant Genes.        From a May 26 news feed by Sharon Durham. Food Safety News is a daily Web-based newspaper dedicated to reporting on issues surrounding food safety. Also on the website for Pork Magazine, a monthly business magazine for pork industry professionals with a circulation of around 15,800.

6/4/10    Study solves mystery of major wheat threat.    From a June 1 news feed by Dennis O'Brien. United Press International (UPI) is a leading provider of critical information to media outlets, businesses, governments and researchers worldwide. UPI is a global operation headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Beirut, Hong Kong, London, Santiago, Seoul and Tokyo. Its news report is read by millions of global readers each day. Also in New Kerala, an online newspaper for the Indian community that covers national and international events, with a network of reporters in major Indian cities. Also in Science Daily, one of the Internet's leading online magazines and Web portals devoted to science, technology, and medicine and has about 15 million page views a month. The editors of Popular Sciencemagazine chose it as one of the "Top 50 Web Sites." Also in Ethiopian Review, the most frequently visited Ethiopian onlinejournal with over 1.5 million hits every month. The journal covers all Ethiopia-related issues, including politics, economy, social, health, education, and culture. Also in Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) website. Formed in 1992, PDPW has grown into a network of 1,600 members from 15 states across the country who represent every type and size of dairy operation. Thousands of dairy producers rely on PDPW for continuing education and news that affects them. Also in Seedquest and EurekAlert!

6/4/10    Put More Nitrogen Into Milk, Not Manure .    From a May 28 news feed by Chris Guy. Medical News Today is a British-based news service that provides current medical news headlines for healthcare professionals and the general public. Also in the website for Dairy Herd, a monthly business magazine which is read by around 70,000 dairy professionals, and Tri-State Neighbor, a biweekly publication received by approximately 30,000 qualified farm and ranch subscribers throughout South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, northwest Iowa and northeast Nebraska. Also in New Kerala,,, and EurekAlert!

6/4/10   Geraniums could hold key to controlling Japanese beetles    From a March 2010 Agricultural Research story  by Alfredo Flores. Lawn & Landscape magazine, with a circulation of more than 73,000, has served the professional lawn and landscape market for 25 years.

5/28/10    Geraniums could hold key to controlling Japanese beetles.    From a March 8 news feed by Alfredo Flores. Greenhouse Management and Production is a monthly publication with 21,000 subscribers, including growers of bedding plants, potted plants, foliage, cut flowers, vegetables, plugs, perennials and more.

5/28/10     Cross Country: Making hay on the cutting edge.    Feature about growing and harvesting hay quotes ARS-Madison agronomist Richard Walgenbach on a local group that provides a range of farm services, including harvesting. The Capital Times serves the Madison, Wisconsin, area and is published by, one of the leading regional providers of media content. It has a circulation of around 17,000.


5/21/10       Resistant Wheat Rebuilds Cell Walls When Attacked By Hessian Flies.    Report about work by ARS-West Lafayette scientist Christie Williams on the ability of wheat to protect itself against insect pests. is a website that features news about science, space, and technology and receives over 5 million visitors every month. Also in


5/21/10       University of Minnesota scientists battle global wheat scourge .    Work on wheat rust by ARS-St. Paul scientists Yue Jin and Les Szabo is noted, and Szabo is quoted. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune is Minnesota's largest newspaper, with a daily circulation of about 350,000 and a weekend circulation of about 575,000.


5/21/10      Electronic Waste Used to Grow Algae for Biofuels .    Blog about university lab work on algae also notes perspective of ARS-Peoria scientist Gary Knothe on the prospect of using algae for biodiesel. DTN/Progressive Farmer generates and delivers ag-based news, weather and data with the largest newsroom in the agriculture industry: hundreds of full-time journalists and meteorologists, plus a carefully chosen selection of the sharpest advisors in the market. It has an approximate circulation of 651,000.


5/6/10    Large amounts of nitrogen stored beneath selected agricultural areas.  Report on research conducted by USGS and ARS scientists Liwang Ma (Fort Collins) and Rob Malone (Ames) indicating that large amounts of nitrogen are stored in the soils of agricultural areas in Nebraska and Maryland and could significantly impact water quality. Also in Newswise and EurekAlert!


5/6/10    Weevil offers hope for future.  Short feature about work by ARS-Urbana scientist Adam Davis on biological controls for garlic mustard. Quad-City Times is a daily paper published in Davenport, Iowa. It has a circulation of 52,700.


5/6/10    Atrazine Is the Main Weapon Against Weeds in Sweet Corn, With Few Alternatives.  Feature about work by ARS-Urbana ecologist Marty Williams on atrazine use by corn producers. Also in EurekAlert!, a leading global news service focused on science, medicine and technology that offers press release distribution, an experts database, multimedia and other services connecting the scientific and medical community with reporters. Over six thousand science, health and technology reporters worldwide rely on EurekAlert! for story ideas and resources


5/6/10    Corn For Food and Fuel.  Press release about research conducted in part by ARS-St. Paul scientist Hans Jung on genetic studies of corn indicating that corn can be bred to optimize properties for cellulosic ethanol without adversely affecting the grain yield. Newswise is an online resource for news related to science-, business- and humanities-themed research conducted by professional organizations, laboratories, universities, government agencies and private research groups. Each Newswise article is categorized into Medical, Science, Life, or Business News, and is delivered to more than 20,000 subscribers through the Newswise Wires. 


5/6/10    Iowa State gets grant to develop biomass crops.   Short article about a $200,000 grant to Iowa State University for the development of perennial cash crops. It was awarded by the Sun Grant Initiative and will include contributions from NRCS and ARS scientists. Dairy Herd is a monthly business magazine which is read by around 70,000 dairy professionals. Also on the website for Pork, a monthly business magazine for pork industry professionals with a circulation of around 15,800.


4/30/10     Death to Japanese beetles!   Feature about work by ARS-Wooster scientist Christopher Ranger on geraniums and Japanese beetles includes several quotes by Ranger. The Philadelphia Inquirer is the third oldest surviving daily newspaper in the United States. It provides general news to about 390,000 people in the Philadelphia area and beyond.


4/29/10     Iowa State researchers to study plant responses to pathogens.  Feature about work by ARS-Ames scientist Roger Wise and Iowa State University colleagues that will investigate how crop plants respond to pathogens. The work is being funded by a $2.76 million National Science Foundation plant genome grant to study the resistance of cereal crops to fungal pathogens. is the website for Ag Professional magazine, which is read by 28,500 retailers, independent crop consultants, professional farm managers and CCAs.


4/28/10     Weed could be the future of biofuel.  Feature about pennycress notes that research on pennycress as a biofeedstock began at ARS-NCAUR in Peoria, where work is continuing. The Holland Sentinel is published daily in Holland, Michigan and has a circulation of 17,200.


4/26/10     Secretary Vilsack dedicates Ames, IA, facility.  The National Centers for Animal Health is a consolidation of ARS's National Animal Disease Center (NADC) and APHIS's National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL) and the Center for Veterinary Biologics (CVB).


4/24/10     Vilsack dedicates animal health research facility in Ames.   Short story about the dedication of the new National Centers for Animal Health in Ames notes that ARS will be conducting research in the facility. High Plains Journal, based in Dodge City, KS, covers areas of South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, as well as Kansas. With an average of nearly 70,000 pages views a day, High Plains Journal's website is one of the most-visited websites in agriculture.

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