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MWA Workforce Diversity Plan
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MWA Workforce Diversity Plan

Current status

The Midwest Area (MWA) is currently under-represented in several aspects of its workforce relative to the Civilian Labor Force (CLF) and EEOC goals, according to data in the most recent MD-715 (see Table A1 below).  The MWA permanent workforce is over-represented in males (61.4% to 51.9%), white males (55.2% to 38.3%), and Asian males (3.9% to 2.0%).  In all other categories, the MWA workforce is either roughly equal to or below the CLF, including the EEOC Federal Goal for individuals with targeted disabilities (0.37% to 2.00%).  Addressing gaps in the MWA workforce requires efforts on several levels.  Increasing the numbers of candidates from under-represented populations in applicant pools will provide greater opportunities for increasing workforce diversity.  The use of direct hire and other authorities where feasible to recruit under-represented groups is another mechanism.  Longer-term efforts such as outreach, use of internships, and building relationships will help “fill the pipeline” with a more diverse population of qualified candidates for ARS positions in the MWA.  Finally, a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace will make ARS - and MWA locations – a preferred employer, and strengthen ARS as an organization. 

Goals, barriers, and actions

A number of goals and barriers to increasing the diversity of the MWA workforce are listed below, along with proposed actions to address them.  An existing barrier to implementing this plan is the vacancy of the MWA ODEO Program Manager position.  Once this position is filled, this individual will play a central role in working with and coordinating efforts at MWA locations, strengthening outreach and other activities through the MWA ODEO committee, and coordinating efforts with HRD.  While this plan does not provide much detail on implementation, the MWA ODEO Program Manager will be tasked with developing a more detailed implementation plan.


The MWA ODEO Program Manager (once hired) will provide quarterly updates of MWA efforts and workforce changes to the Midwest Area Director.  In addition, this position will coordinate and document efforts with Research Leaders, AOs, and hiring managers to ensure strategic placement of recruitment announcements to reach wide and diverse sources of potential applicants.