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Midwest Area Council for Office Professionals Charter

 A. Mission and Goal:

The two-fold mission of the Midwest Area Council for Office Professionals (MWACOP) is to:

1. To serve as a liaison between the Senior Management Team (Area Directors - hereafter referred to as SMT) and the Midwest Area (MWA) office professionals on relevant topics impacting the Agency. 

2. To provide guidance and support to MWA office professionals through opportunities for networking, training, mentoring, and elevating the stature of the office professional as a valued team member.

Our goal is to ensure that ARS has highly skilled office professionals working as team members to meet the strategic goals of the Agency by providing communication, training, and networking to heighten job performance and increase job satisfaction.

B. Vision:

The Council's vision is for office professionals to function as integral team members in achieving the Agency mission. It is also our vision that positive communication, training, and networking heighten job performance which leads to job satisfaction.

C. Objectives:

The objectives of the Council include:

D. Scope of Coverage:

The Council will represent office professionals throughout the Midwest Area. This includes employees in the Secretarial Series 318; Office Automation Series 326; and Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistance Series 303 (Program Support Assistants).

E. Council Membership:

The Council consists of the Management Analyst serving as the Sponsor and the two representatives of the National Advisory Council for Office Professionals (NACOP) serving as Technical Advisors. Council members will serve a 4-year term beginning in June. If a member cannot complete a term, that vacancy will be recruited for a 4-year term beginning in June. See Rotation Schedule (Appendix A).

Co-Chairs will lead the Council. All Council members beginning their third year of a 4-year term are eligible for election as Junior Co-Chair. The Junior Co-Chair will assume the senior role, and the Council will elect a new Junior Co-Chair. The Senior Co-Chair will lead the group in his/her fourth year. The Senior Co-Chair will rotate into an ex-officio position for one year at the end of the annual meeting. All new positions are assumed at the close of the annual meeting. Council Members will volunteer to assume the roles as the Recorder, News Notes Editorial Team, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)/Web Editorial Team. Other tasks will be identified and assigned as needed. These positions will be reviewed on a yearly basis. 

The Recorder, News Notes Editor, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Editor will be selected by the Council. Other tasks will be identified and assigned as needed.

The SMT will select the representative to the National Advisory Council for Office Professionals (NACOP) from previous members of the Council. 

F. Roles and Responsibilities:


Co-Chairpersons will:

 Ex-Officio will:

Recorder will:

Technical Advisors/Sponsors will:

SOP Editor will:

News Notes Editor will:

All Members will:

 G. Operating Procedures:

H. Council Code of Ethics:


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