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Corn/Teosinte Pictures
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Sherry Flint-Garcia -- USDA ARS in Columbia, MO
Corn and Teosinte Pictures
Teosinte is photoperiod sensitive (i.e. floral initiation requires short days).

Teosinte in Missouri
(long day environment),
4 months after planting.

Teosinte in Puerto Rico
(day neutral environment),
7 weeks aftr planting.

Teosinte in the growth chamber
(12 hr light; 12 hr dark),
6 weeks after planting.
The B73-teosinte F1 is very unadapted, but backcrossing quickly recovers B73 phenotypes.

Seeds of B73 (left),
teosinte (right)

B73 (left), teosinte (middle),
and the F1 hybrid (right).

F1 ear of B73 x teosinte.
The cob will "shatter" with minimal pressure. Note the
seed "squeezing" out the top
of the partially open fruitcase.

The F1 plant is very late (photoperiod sensitive) and tillered.

The plant is highly
branched. Lateral branches
often end in male flowers,
and there are many
ears per plant.

A sample of BC1 ears (left) compared to B73 (right).
Diversity within maize inbreds: the NAM founder parents.

Ears of the 25DL, B73, and Mo17.

Plant morphological differences in the 27DL and Mo17.
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