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ARS Modeling Capacities
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Department of Energy workshop May 2009: ARS modeling capacities

Presentation by John Sadler


Overviews by Jeff Steiner, National Program Leader

ARS Science for Sustainability: Investment into National Long-term Research Networks & Modeling
/ARSUserFiles/4892/May_2009/Long term investment-050709.pdf

USDA Biophysical Simulations and Economic Models Useful for Assessing the Impact of Bioenergy Production
/ARSUserFiles/4892/May_2009/Model Descriptions updated 050609.doc


STEWARDS hydrologic data system



Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems

NP-216, Agricultural System Competitiveness and Sustainability /research/programs/programs.htm?NP_CODE=216


Adler, Paul R., Del Grosso, Stephen J., and Parton, William J. 2007. Life-cycle assessment of net greenhouse-gas flux for bioenergy cropping systems. Ecological Applications, 17(3), 2007, pp. 675-691.
/ARSUserFiles/4892/May_2009/Adler et al., 2007, Ecological Applications.pdf

Moran, M.S., Peters, D.C., McClaren, M.P., Nichols, M.H., Adams, M.B. 2008. Long-term data collection at USDA experimental sites for studies of ecohydrology. Ecohydrology. 1:377-393.

AGWA model shell for SWAT and Kineros2

AGWA presentation

AGWA fact sheet

Kepner, W. G., Semmens, D. J., Hernandez, M., Goodrich, D. C. Evaluating hydrological response to forecasted land-use change. Chapter 15: In The North American Land Cover Summit, Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC,, pp. 275-292, 2008.
/ARSUserFiles/4892/May_2009/CHAPT15_kepner Final.pdf

Kepner, W. G. Semmens, D. J., Bassett, S. D., Mouat, D. A., Goodrich, D. C. Scenario analysis for the San Pedro River, analyzing hydrological consequences of a future environment. J. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 94:115-127. 2004.

Semmens, D. J., Goodrich, D. C., Unkrich, C. L., Smith, R. E., Woolhiser, D. A., Miller, S. N. KINEROS2 and the AGWA modeling framework. Chapter 5: In Hydrological Modelling in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas (H. Wheater, S. Sorooshian, and K. D. Sharma, Eds.). Cambridge University Press, London. Pp. 49-69. 2008.


J.L. Steiner, E.J. Sadler, J.-S. Chen, G. Wilson, D. James, B. Vandenberg, J. Ross, T. Oster, and K. Cole. 2008. Sustaining the Earth's Watersheds-Agricultural Research Data System: Overview of development and challenges. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2008 63( 6) : 569 - 576.*

E.J. Sadler, J.L. Steiner, J.-S. Chen, G. Wilson, J. Ross, T. Oster, D. James, B. Vandenberg, K. Cole, and J. Hatfield. 2008. Sustaining the Earth's Watersheds-Agricultural Research Data System: Data development, user interaction, and operations management. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2008 63( 6) : 577 - 589.*

C.W. Richardson, D.A. Bucks, and E.J. Sadler. 2008. The Conservation Effects Assessment Project benchmark watersheds: Synthesis of preliminary findings. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 2008 63( 6) : 590 - 604.*

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