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Research Briefs
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Long Term Trends in Herbicide Transport

Stakeholder-led Watershed Planning

STEWARDS Agricultural Research Data System

ARS Nation-wide CEAP Watershed Assessment Study

Evaluation of Forage Grasses for Use in Riparian Buffer Systems


Field-Scale Variability for Corn: Economically-Optimal Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate

Sensors for Detecting Crop Nitrogen Needs

Using Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) to Interpret Soil and Crop Production Variability

Defining Sub-field Management Zones: Management Zone Analyst (MZA) Software

Simultaneous Analysis of Soil N, P, and K: Progress toward On-the-go Nutrient Sensing

Yield Editor: Software for Removing Errors from Crop Yield Maps


Soil Quality: An In-field Test for Active Carbon in Soils

Soil Quality: Prairie Restoration

Applying Precision Conservation Methods to Claypan Soils

Cropping System and Landscape Position affect Hydraulic Properties


Multiple Inlet Approach to Reduce Water Requirements for Rice Production



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