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The Ornamental Horticulture Team:

Herbaceous Ornamentals, Mints, and Medicinal Plants


  • Curation of herbaceous ornamental, non-Mentha mint, and medicinal taxa, including but not limited to the genera Alcea, Anemone, Calendula, Malva, Potentilla, Rumex, Tanacetum, Thalictrum, Agastache, Blephilia, Monarda, Origanum, Stachys, Actaea, Echinacea, Hypericum, and Prunella.  
  • Responsible for acquisition, conservation, management, regeneration, and taxonomic identifty of the herbaceous ornamental mint, and medicinals collections at NCRPIS. 


  • Characterization seed development and dormancy as they relate to storage and regeneration. 
  • Develop effective postharvest treatment, storage, seed viability testing, and regeneration protocols for Actaea, Euonymus, Fraxinus, Hypericum, and Staphylea.  
  • Collect descriptive phenological data for Actaea, Hypericum, and Prunella
  • For more information contact Jeffrey Carstens, Ornamental Horticulture Curator.

Woody Landscape Plants


  • Curation of woody landscape plants including, but not limited to, Aronia, Caragana, Cornus, Diervilla, Euonymus, Fraxinus, Gymnocladus, Physocarpus, Rhus, Salix, Spiraea, Staphylea, and Ulmus.
  • Responsible for taxonomic identity of woody landscape collections maintained at NCRPIS.
  • Responsible for acquisition, conservation, management, and regeneration of woody landscape plants.


  • Understanding the roles of environmental variables (climate and soils) and provenance on woody plant adaptation.
  • Cryopreservation of Salix spp. dormant winter buds.
  • Collecting observation data for woody landscape collections at NCRPIS.
  • Developing methods to break dormancy for woody landscape collections at NCRPIS.
  • Building comprehensive, germplasm collections of woody landscape collections at NCRPIS.  Current prioritized genera include Gymnocladus, Spiraea, Cornus, and Diervilla.
  • For more information contact Jeffrey Carstens, Woody Landscape Plant Curator.


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