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Conserving Methods
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Conserving Seeds, Plants and Dormant Buds

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Cryopreservation of Dormant Buds From Diverse Fraxinus Species
CryoLetters 30 (3), 262-267 (2009)
Three potential methods for conserving ash within the NPGS are to:
  • Perserve dried seed samples in cold storage.
    This is the current method employed at NCRPIS. More information can be found on the Procedures webpage.
  • Cryogenically preserve dormant vegetative buds.
    A protocol has been developed to store and recover plants from dormant vegetative buds. This method is very labor intensive and is most practical for the conservation of species clones, especially of male, seedless trees. A PDF copy of this work is available here. The article is entitled: Cryopreservation of Dormant Buds From Diverse Fraxinus Species. From: CryoLetters 30 (3), 262-267 (2009). A recent article inAgricultural Research magazine puts this cryopreservation work into the larger context of the fight against EAB.
  • Protect living trees from EAB in long-term field plantings.
    Presently, insecticidal treatments are being tested to protect individual specimen trees from EAB. The long-term effectiveness of this approach is not yet clear. For more information on this topic, including summaries of recent tests of new products and treatments, see "Homeowner Guide To Emerald Ash Borer Insecticide Treatments" at

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