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Daniel Olk (Dan)

Research Soil Scientist


I grew up in Clintonville, Wisconsin and obtained B.A. degrees in geography and German from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, an M.A. degree in geography from the University of California, Davis, and a PhD in soil science, also from UC-Davis. Then came an 8-year post-doctoral research position at the International Rice Research Institute, in the Philippines. Starting at NLAE in 2001 as a soil biochemist, my group (Terry Grimard and visiting scientists) has investigated the roles of individual carbohydrates, phenols, amino acids, and fatty acids in cropping sustainability and soil carbon sequestration under field management treatments for corn, soybean, and rice. Together with Dana Dinnes, we also measure and seek to explain the field efficacy of humic products for increasing crop growth and improving soil properties. More recently, we are examining management options for degrading hardened subsoil fragipans in the Eastern U.S. Hobbies include aerobic sports, genealogy, and international travel.

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