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1 - Pestivirus Infection in Swine
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Preliminary Program

Pestivirus Infection of Swine
Impact, Detection, Prevention and Control

July 6 and 7, 2000
Ames, IA

Thursday, July 6

8:30 am
Preliminary Remarks and Introductions
Dr. Julia Ridpath

Opening Remarks
Dr. Keith Murray
Directory NADC

Session 1
Incidence and Impact

Convenor - Dr. Sabrina Swenson

9:00 am
Incidence of BVDV Infection in U.S. Swine Herds
Dr. Sabrina Swenson

9:20 am
BVDV in Swine: Serological Prevalence and Interference
with CSF Diagnostics
Dr. Hans de Smit

9:40 am
Relative Risk of Importing CSFV into the US
Dr. Christine Kopral

10:00 -10:30 am   BREAK

10:30 am
Impact of CSFV Outbreak in Netherlands
Dr. Annemarie Bouma

10:50 am
Consequences of a CSFV Outbreak in the US
Dr. Ken Forsythe

11:00 am
Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. Sabrina Swenson, Dr. Hans de Smit, Dr. Annemarie Bouma,
Dr. Elisabeth Liebler, Dr. Eduardo Flores, Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke,
Dr. Christine Kopral, Dr. Ken Forsythe

11:30 - 1:00 pm
Lunch and Poster Session (Authors are asked to be available by
their posters for questions between 12:15 and 12:45 pm)

Session 2
Detection and Differentiation

Clinical Presentation
Convenor - Dr. Martin Hofmann

1:00 pm
The Changing Face of CSFV Clinical Presentation
Dr. Martin Hofmann

1:40 pm
The Clinical Appearance of BVDV in Swine
Dr. Hans de Smit

2:00 pm
Interaction of BVDV and TGE
Dr. Roger Woods

2:20 -2:50 pm   BREAK

Convenor - Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke

2:50 pm
Classic Pathology of CSFV
Dr. Elisabeth Leibler

3:10 pm
Pathology of Mixed BVDV/TGE Infection
Dr. Robert Kunkle

3:30 pm

Dr. Gordon Ward

3:50 pm
Detecting and Differentiating Pestivirus in the Lab
Dr. Irene Greiser-Wilke

4:20 pm
Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. Martin Hofmann, Dr. Hans de Smit, Dr. Roger Woods,
Dr. Elisabeth Leibler, Dr. Robert Kunkle, Dr. Juan Lubroth,
Dr. Sabrina Swenson

Friday, July 7

Session 3
Prevention and Control

Convenor - Dr. Julia Ridpath

8:30 am
U.S. Perspective on Surveillance and Control of CSFV
Dr. Lee Ann Thomas

8:50 am
The Molecular Epidemiology of CSFV in Cuba
Dr. Maria Teresa Frias Lepoureau

9:10 am
Prevention and Control of CSFV Infections in Mexico
Dr. Juan Garcia-Garcia

9:30 - 10:00 am   BREAK

10:00 am
The Role of Vaccination in Control of CSFV in Endemic and Free Zones
Dr. Alicia Trigo

10:20 am
Marker Vaccine Trial on Classical Swine Fever
Dr. Gundula Floegel-Niesmann

10:40 am
NPPC Perspective
Beth Lautner

Round Table Discussion
Round Table members:
Dr. LeeAnn Thomas, Dr. Bev Schmitt,, Dr. Annemarie Bouma, Beth Lautner,
Dr. Alicia Trigo, Dr. Juan Garcia-Garcia, Dr. Ruben Donis

11:20 am
Closing remarks
Dr. Jim Roth

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