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for the 4th BVDV Symposium

Jan. 25 thru 27th, 2009

Phoenix, AZ

Deadline for abstract submission: Oct. 31, 2008









Full contact details for corresponding author

Full name:




Postal address:


Postal/Zip Code:






Telephone (work):


Telephone (mobile):







1.      Abstracts should be submitted, using this form, by e-mail to

2.      Please save this abstract document in Word format with your full name as the filename e.g. John Doe.doc b if you are submitting more than one abstract, please submit them as separate documents and name them John Doe1.doc, John Doe2.doc, etc.

3.      Use the instructions on the next page to format your abstract.  Abstracts that did not fit in this frame and conform to formatting instructions will not be considered for the Symposium.

4.      Please indicate the topic under which your abstract best fits. The topics are:

BVDV Diagnostics

BVDV Vaccine Studies

BVDV Epidemiology

BVDV Pathogenesis

BVDV: Impact of Host Genetics

5.      All abstracts will be presented as posters.  Some abstracts will be selected for further presentation as 15 min talks.

6.      Please send any enquires about abstract submission to the e-mail address above.

  Title for abstract


A. Author1, B. Author2,3, C. Author3, D. Author3,  E.F. Author1,2, and G. Author2


1Department or Division One, Institute, Postal Code, City, Country

2Department or Division Two, Institute, Postal Code, City, Country

3Department or Division Three, Institute, Postal Code, City, Country



This is the Microsoft Word template for abstract submission.



Abstracts should be written in English, and the length is limited to one page.



The text should be typed in 12-point Times-Roman font, and single-spaced. The title of the abstract should be typed in bold, 12-point Times-Roman font. Please use numbers to indicate the different affiliations of the authors. Use 9-point font for authorsb affiliations.  The name of the author who will present the contribution should be underlined.  Please leave a blank line between the title, authors, addresses, text, and references.



Abstracts must be accurate and complete. Statements such as "results to be discussed" are not acceptable.



[1] A. Reference et al., Phys. Rev. C 65, 196 (1984).






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