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Agricultural Research Magazine

October 2009 - Vol. 57, No. 9

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Table of Contents

Forum—ARS's Animal Breeding Work (html) or (pdf)

Breeding and Genetic Change in the Holstein Genome (html) or (pdf)

New Ultrasound and Artificial Insemination Techniques Improve Sheep Breeding (html) or (pdf)

Ornamentals To Brighten Garden Palette (html) or (pdf)
Plantas ornamentales proveen colores al jardín (html)

Biofilms Have a New Foil (html) or (pdf)

Using Doppler Ultrasound To Understand Fescue Toxicosis (html) or (pdf)

Working After Hours: A Nighttime View of Insect Predation (html) or (pdf)

Closing In on a Citrus Killer: Huanglongbing, the Citrus Greening Disease (html) or (pdf)

Hardy New Corn Lines Resist Toxic Fungi (html) or (pdf)

Squeezing More Corn and Wheat Out of Each Scarce Drop of Water (html) or (pdf)

Sweetpotatoes Pack Potent Protection (html) or (pdf)

"Seeing" Poultry Carcass Contamination (html) or (pdf)

Why Rye Cover Crops Are Great Natural Weed Killer (html) or (pdf)

Kids, Fast Food & Obesity: Menu Reviews From a Houston Pediatrician (html) or (pdf)

Bacterium Identified as Prime Suspect in Zebra Chip Case (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
   Plants Now "Text Message" Thirst
   Potassium-Rich Foods Preserve Muscle Mass
   Mini-JET Test Predicts Erodability
   Hairy Vetch Boosts Tomato Phytonutrients








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