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Agricultural Research Magazine

November 2005 - Vol. 53, No. 11

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Table of Contents

Forum—Gaining Insight From Probing Insects' Genes (html) or (pdf)

Beetle Mania (html) or (pdf)

Resistance Gene To Fortify Soy Against Exotic Pest (html) or (pdf)
Un gene de resistencia para fortificar la soya contra una plaga exótica (html)

International Partnership for Poultry Safety (html) or (pdf)

Flax Fiber Offers Cotton Cool Comfort (html) or (pdf)

Pegging a Troublesome Change in Hydrilla (html) or (pdf)

DNA Chips Spot and Help Track Antibiotic Resistance (html) or (pdf)

New Prairie Grasses To Fatten Cattle—and Producer Profits (html) or (pdf)

Multicrop Rotation and Irrigation Study for Optimal Water Use in the Southeast (html) or (pdf)

Edible, Water-Resistant Film from Milk Protein (html) or (pdf)

The Germplasm Ambassador (html) or (pdf)

Science Update (html) or (pdf)
   Termite Alates Succumb to Biopesticide
   A Test for Head Blight-Causing Fungi
   Potato Defends Against Late Blight
   "Waxy" Wheat for Novel Products
   Adjusting pH Boosts Plant's Metals Uptake

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