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March 2012 - Vol. 60, No. 3

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March 2012 issue (PDF publication).

Table of Contents

Forum—Monitoring America's Nutritional Bottom Line (html) or (pdf)

Monitoring Best Practices for Food Analysis: The First Step—Monitoring What We Eat (html) or (pdf)
     Vitamin D Needs Reevaluated [sidebar] (html)

Monitoring Food-Supply Nutrients: The Second Step—Conservators of the National Nutrient Database (html) or (pdf)
     Inside the Nutrient Data Laboratory [sidebar] (html)
     Vitamin D's Debut in the National Nutrient Database [sidebar] (html)
     The National Food and Nutrient Analysis Program [sidebar] (html)

Monitoring the U.S. Population's Diet: The Third Step—The National "What We Eat in America" Survey (html) or (pdf)

The Stealth Sodium Revolution (html) or (pdf)
La reducción de la sal en los alimentos (html)

ARS National Program for Human Nutrition Monitoring (html) or (pdf)



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