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2023 GARA Gap Analysis Presentations

Kampala, Uganda
February 2023

Epidemiological situation of African swine fever in Asia Anne Conan
ASF Updates in the Philippines: Research Initiatives, Prevention and Control Efforts Cherry Fernandez
Genomics at source: deployment for fit-for-purpose tools for molecular diagnosis of African swine fever in Tanzania Gerald Misinzo
ASF: Global situation Patrick Bastiaensen
Update of the FAO/WOAH/AU-IBAR/ILRI Regional strategy for the control of African swine fever in Africa Eria Chenais
Genetic diversity of ASFV Survivor pigs in Uganda Peter Ogweng
Africa Swine Fever Situation and Surveillance Activities in Cambodia Ren Thiery
Identification of some research gaps in Africa: FAO contribution Casimir Ndongo
AFS Current Situation in Vietnam Dao Duy Tung
Molecular Characterization of ASFV in infected Pigs in Production Regions in Cameroon Stephen Ghogomu
ASF Standing Group of Experts (SGE) Africa Viola Chemis
Genomic Surveillance Reveals High Genotypic Diversity Among Genotype I African Swine Fever Virus Strains in Zambia Edgar Simulundu
Introduction to the Center of Excellence for African Swinefever Genomics Doug Gladue
Toward a multi-epitope, filamentous phage-based vaccine against the African swine fever virus Joseph Ebwanga
Diverse genotypes and variants of African swine fever virus in Nigeria: the need for continuous surveillance Adeyinka Asedeji
Research gaps concerning African swine fever in Africa Erika Chenais and Karl Stahl
Safety and efficacy testing of experimental ASF vaccines: what we have learned from the pigs Jishu Shi
ILRI’s clinical animal research facilities and contract research Anna Lacasta
Single-day PCR diagnosis of ASFV in a resource-limited endemic setting in Uganda Richard Ezinga
Cell-culture mediated isolation of African Swine Fever field viruses for vaccine production in Uganda Richard Ezinga
Co-created community contracts support biosecurity changes in a region where African swine fever is endemic Erika Chenais
Recent findings on the study of wild hosts of ASF in Africa and Madagascar Ferran Jori
African swine fever control measures along the smallholder pig value chain in Kisoro and Moyo districts of Uganda: Adherence and perceived impact Aliro Tonny
ASF Country situation and control efforts (Uganda)Paul Lumu on behalf of CVO, Dr. Anna Rose Ademun
Current state of African swine fever research in BeninOkri Fréjus Hans Ohouko
African Swine Fever Country Report ZambiaEdgar Simulundu
Herman Chambaro CVR I
The challenges for effective control of ASF in NigeriaPam Luka
Molecular Characterization of ASFV in infected Pigs in Production Regions in Cameroon Stephen M. Ghogomu
Genomics at Source (Tanzania)Gerald Misinzo
Situational Analysis of Pig Industry and incursion of African Swine Fiver in Sierra LeoneSahr Raymond Gborie
African Swine Fever (ASF) in Togo and research prospects
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