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1 - The Life and Vision of Edward F. Knipling Concerning the Eradication of the Screwworm
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 When my father presented me a copy of one of his books outlining insect management strategies, he wrote, "With my compliments and hope that you can help advance some of the concepts and principles in this publication." I will consider myself successful when I can look back over my own career and feel that I have done this to the best of my abilities.
In this regard I hope that this presentation, as well as the occasion of this 30th anniversary celebration of the launching of the successful screwworm eradication program here in Mexico, will help promote a renewed awareness of the opportunities afforded by the sterile insect technique and other area-wide approaches to manage troublesome insect populations throughout the world.

It has been a true honor and privilege for me to be here today on behalf of both the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the Knipling family. Thank you for your attention.

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Last Modified: 8/12/2016
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