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National Program 305: Crop Production
2017 USDA-ARS Grape Research Workshop
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SUMMARY of the November 29-30, 2017, USDA-ARS Grape Research Workshop:

Please click here to view the Workshop Summary Report.


PRESENTATIONS from the November 29-30, 2017, USDA-ARS Grape Research Workshop:


Nick Dokoozlian: NGWI Research Platforms and Project Priorities

Maureen Whalen: ARS Introduction


Jim Giovannoni: Insights into the genetic control of tomato fruit ripening and how they might be leveraged for grape improvement

Genetic Improvement

Jerry Hatfield: Application of Genetics x Environment x Management Concept to Grape Production

Lance Cadle-Davidson: VitisGen2 Approaches to Powdery Mildew Resistance

Jason Londo: Genetics and physiology of cold stress in grapevine

Rachel Naegele: Breeding for fruit quality: Phenotyping strategies and marker development

Doreen Ware: Technology Innovations Provide Both Opportunities and Challenges for Agriculture

Special Lecture

Lisa Ainsworth: Transgenic Opportunities to Enhance Photosynthetic Efficiency

Natural Resources and Environment

Bill Kustas: The GRAPEX Project: A Multi-scale Approach to Water and Energy Exchange in Vineyards

Martha Anderson:  Mapping vineyard water use and stress with satellite remote sensing 

Andrew McElrone: Sustainable Water Use in Vineyards: New Technologies for an old problem (permission to post is pending)

James Mahan:  Making plants do what we want

Integrated Vineyard Production Systems

Walter Mahaffee: Cyber-Physical System for Risk Management

Mark Mazzola: Manipulation of the Soil Microbiome to Advance Orchard System Resilience

Kerri Steenwerth: Building tools for healthy vineyard soils: A Salinity Story

Rodrigo Krugner: Pest control methods heard through the grapevine

Amy Tabb: Computer Vision and Robotics in Fruit Systems: Automation Strategies (talk will not be posted)

Day 2 Talks

Charlie Walthall: The ARS Long Term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) network: Update and Future Plans

Parag Chitnis: NIFA Funding Opportunities

David Beck: Summary of the Oregon Wine Board Research Program