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Livestock GRACENet
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Welcome to Livestock GRACEnet!

The mission of Livestock GRACEnet is to lead the development of livestock management practices to reduce greenhouse gas, ammonia, and other emissions and provide a sound scientific basis for accurate measurement and modeling of emissions. We will:

Success in our mission will help to ensure the economic viability of the livestock industry, vitality and quality of life in rural areas, and environmental services benefits.

The Livestock GRACEnet group is composed of 24 scientists from 13 locations working on the effects of livestock production on emissions and air quality. For a list of scientists and information about their research programs click here

The Livestock GRACEnet group has produced several fact sheets related to managment practices aimed at reducing on farm emissions.  To read or download factsheets click here

For a list of Livestock GRACEnet publications click here

To see a list of upcoming meetings and events related to emissions from livestock production click here

Livestock GRACEnet is an integral part of NP 212 Climate Change, Soils, and Emissions and NP 214 Agriculture and Industrial Byproducts

If you would like more information about Livestock GRACEnet contact April Leytem at, Charlie Walthall (NP 212) at