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National Program 106: Aquaculture
Action Plan
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USDA ARS National Program 106 Aquaculture Action Plan 2020 – 2024

Aquaculture is the production of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions throughout part or all of their lifespan. In 1980 Congress declared “… that aquaculture has the potential for reducing the United States trade deficit in fisheries products, for augmenting existing commercial and recreational fisheries, and for producing other renewable resources, thereby assisting the United States in meeting its future food needs and contributing to the solution of world resource problems. It is, therefore, in the national interest, and it is the national policy, to encourage the development of aquaculture in the United States." In response to this declaration, the ARS National Program for Aquaculture is focusing on research that supports the production of quality seafood products for human consumption.

To read the entire Action Plan (pdf; 1.1Mb): 2020-2024 Action Plan



Action Plan for National Program 106: Aquaculture 2015-2019

Goal:  Aquaculture is the production of aquatic animals under controlled conditions for all or part of their lifecycles. Interest in aquaculture production is on the rise because of limits to harvest of wild caught seafood and increases in demand for seafood and other products of aquaculture.  The ability for U.S. aquaculture producers to meet that demand requires development of technologies to reduce the cost of production while maintaining and improving product quality. Producers, processors and breeders are in need of systems that maximize aquatic animal production, reduce environmental impacts, increase market competitiveness, sustain producers, and earn consumer confidence.  Research in the disciplines of genetics, nutrition, health, and physiology will support the biological improvement of animals, while ecology, water quality, engineering and food science will support the improvement of systems and products to ensure sustainability.

To read the entire Action Plan (pdf; 0.3Mb): 2015-2019 Action Plan