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Chapter 3

The safety and security of our employees, cooperators, and collaborators is of paramount importance to ARS; security of research projects and products is key to our mission; and the protection of our facilities is critical to the conduct of that research. Memorandum PM-01-002 describes basic requirements for physical security and procedures for reporting suspicious activities and/or incidents at all facilities in the Northern Plains Area. It will be used in conjunction with other agency policy concerning the safety of employees and the security of our facilities. This guidance is not intended to be comprehensive or to replace sound judgment on the part of supervisors or managers.

The LincPass (HSPD-12) is becoming very important in how ARS conducts business. The LincPass will soon be used for three purposes at some locations in the Northern Plains Area and two purposes everywhere else. The three purposes are: 1) Physical Asscess to Facilities, 2) Access to Information Technology Systems, and 3) Federal Identification Card. Everyone can use their LincPass for their Federal ID now. Everyone that has Windows 7 operating system on their computer can use the LincPass now for access to the following programs (WebTa, AgLearn, GovTrip, and any other system that uses eAuthentication).

The following locations will be using their LincPass for Physical Asscess by October of 2011: Clay Center, Nebraska, NCGRP in Fort Collins, Colorado, Fargo, North Dakota, Manhattan, Kansas, and Miles City, Montana. Every location with a physical access card system will be evaluated for upgrade by October 2012.

At some point in the future, the LincPass will be used to gain access to your computer rather than using passwords. This is called two-factor because you will use the LincPass plus your pin number to gain access.


See Chapter 2 for a comprehensive list of commonly used acronyms.


  • DM9610-1- USDA Security Policies and Procedures for Biosafety Level 3 - Facilities
  • DM9610-2- USDA Security Policies and Procedures for Laboratories and Technical Facilities (Excluding Biosafety Level (BSL)-3 Facilities 
  • HSPD-8 - Homeland Security Presidential Directive (National Preparedness)
  • HSPD-12 - Homeland Security Presidential Directive (Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors)
  • P&P 410.4– Issuing and Controlling ARS Identification Cards
  • PGM 02-005 - Facilities Division Policy Guidance Memorandum - Physical Security in ARS Information Technology Restricted Space
  • PGM 04-004 - Facilities Division Guidance Memorandum - Physical Security Interim Policy

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E-Qip Home Page

Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12

USDA Personnel Security Home Page


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