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Chapter 6
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PA Weekly Activity Reports are due in the Area Office by COB Tuesdays.

Back up computer on a regular basis.

Check supply request list for any supplies that need to be ordered. Monitor supply of copy paper, toner, fax film, etc.

Reconcile credit card in AXOL and CATS (Remember to flag R&M).

Foreign Visitor and Foreign Worker Reports to NPA Human Resources using Excel spreadsheet.

Request Revocable Permit for Non-ARS persons working in the Unit if they are not covered under a formal agreement.

Submit request forms for Federal ID’s and/or building access.                                                                              


Submit Time and Attendance Reports.


Give tear sheets from Vehicle Operation Book to Property Management Officer (PMO).

Within ARIS, check for any ARS-416’s, Outgoing Agreements/Incoming Agreements which are reqching their Term Date and need to be extended or revised to Expired.

Monitor progress of 115’s. Enter Journal Dates (Date submitted to journal, acceptance, and/or publication dates) complete the citation; submit the reprint of the publication to the National Ag Library's AgSpace to obtain the reprint URL identifier. Insert the repository URL in the reprint URL when the permanent URL is provided by NAL AgSpace. 

Reconcile Status of Funds Report.

Check REE directory in order to update staffing changes, revise the ARIS investigator list accordingly for changes to Cat. 1 or 4 scientists. 

Check sibling projects and renumber to align w/Active D projects. 


Submit Employment of Relative forms when required.

Vehicle Operation Records due to Area Property Management Technician (APMT).

Update Civil Rights Self Assessment and White House Reports each quarter (Access must be granted by Area EEO Specialist - on-line @  (Mid-January, Mid-April, Mid-July, Mid-October). 

Report excess property, accountable and non-accountable, working with APO’s and Area Property Office to excess property.


Go through files, check disposition dates.

Annual Briefing Papers and CPRP Plan Drafts will be distributed by Facililties Division, Area Engineer, by end of January. Updates due by end of February to Area Engineer.


Financial Disclosure Forms due in Ethics Office (Feb. 15)


All requests for restored leave due prior to April 1.

Solicit SY’s for equipment, travel and personnel needs for the Annual Resource Management Plan System (ARMPS). Provide information to RL for narrative section of the ARMPS.

Print "Detail by Author Report" (Cat. 1, 2, 4 only) and provide to supervisors with employees' current standards to complete mid-year reviews on all employees.


Early to Late-April:

Draft ARMPS is due in the Area Office.

Make sure all mid-year appraisals have been completed on all employees.

Schedule for Post Docs announced.

Schedule for ARIS entry of Annual 421 Progress Reports announced.


ARMPS reviews at locations. 

NIFA and website (post announcements year round and closing dates vary).

National Science Foundation (NSF) grant proposals announced. Web site address:


Befing waiver process for Information Technology (IT) acquisitions of $25,000 or greater through PA IT Staff to OCIO prior to procurement. It normally takes a minimum of eight weeks from the time a draft waiver request is submitted by the requesting office before the USDA OCIO makes a final decision on the request. 

Post Doc application process opens for data entry in ARIS.

ARMPS reviews at locations.

Review RSA funds for year-end modifications (for locations whose RSA Cycle is July-June).


Final day in ARIS for Permanent or Temporary FY fund transfers between D-type projects and for HQ-funded postdocs.

National Research Initiative - Competitive Grants Program (NRI-CGP) funded - prepare and add ARS-416/417 to existing Incoming Agreement in ARIS. Web Site Address:


Early-Mid August:

Bi-Annual call for NPA Awards of Excellence.

Final ARMPS is due in Area Office.

Letters of Intent and Incoming Agreements completed and in ARIS for OICD and BARD proposals.

Final day for extramural agreements adding current year funds or extending time in ARIS.

Complete update of 115's for 421's.

Complete 421's in ARIS for all ARS projects.

Renumber sibling projects and Incoming Agreements, if needed.


Early September:

Update "Detail by Author Reports" from ARIS for ARS-435 Appraisals (Cat. 1, 2, 4 only). (Generate report, notate miss information and distribute to SY's for updating.)

End of routine spending (purchase cards).

Reconcile Status of Funds on a weekly basis.

Complete update of Performance Evaluations.

Late September:

Prepare new files for travel vouchers and other "fiscal year" filing.

Prepare new fiscal year AD-700’s for maintenance agreements.

Update investigator/SY time on projects in ARIS to agree with ARMP.

Fiscal year end – prepare Period End Estimates.

Update all personnel logs to reflect new FY.

Remind SY's to submit documentation of accomplishments to RL for performance appraisals.

Remind RL's to submit documentation of accomplishments to Area/Center Director for performance appraisals.


Prepare Limited Open Travel Authorizations for next year.

Asset Management O & M costs per asset needs to be submitted to APMO.

Clean up CATS – (delete old users and account codes) for new FY.

Update Mission Statement in ARIS; changes to the responsbile person for RL/CD or Acting designation should be done when they occur.

NRI-CGP Grant Proposals announced. Web site address:

Early October:

Pull updated "Detail by Author Reports" from ARIS for ARS-435 Appraisals (Cat. 1, 2, 4 only).

Type performance elements on Performance Appraisal Forms (AD-435) for all personnel. Distribute to supervisors with instructions for completion.


PA Award of Excellence Nominations due in Area.

Return completed appraisal packages for all employees along with award forms (AD-287 and accountability sheet) to Area Office Human Resources (if at Center, submit through Center Director). Due date determined annually.

October 30:

Annual FY Energy Report due electronically to Area Engineer by the end of October.

Memo to employees regarding scheduling AL "Use or Lose" by end of PP23.


Be sure all employees have performance standards and IDP's in place for the coming year.


Leave must be scheduled in writing for employees in use or lose categories.


Prepare new file folders for the coming year for T&A backup documentation.

Early December:

Any annual leave canceled must be canceled in writing prior to first full pay period in new leave year.

Complete on-line AgLearn Ethics Training, Security and Privacy Training, and remind SY's to complete the annual ADODR Refresher Training.



Last Modified: 5/8/2015
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