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Chapter 5

This chapter covers ARS purchase card and procurement guidelines.

Procurement Tool


See Chapter 2 for a comprehensive list of commonly used acronyms.


Departmental Regulations (DR)
DR 5013.6 - Use of the Purchase Card and Convenience Check

Policies and Procedures (P&P)

P&P 210.1 - Procurement and Property Management Reviews

P&P 213.4.v.1 - Procedure for Paying for Off the Shelf Training
Manual 213.3 - REE Purchase Card Program  


Decision Chart - Food and Water Purchases

Procurement Advisory - Telecommunications

Purchase Card - Forms, Guides, Policies & Training Links

P-Card Spotlight - 4th Quarter FY 2014 - Documenting Purchase Card and Convenience Check Transactions
P-Card Spotlight - 4th Quarter FY 2014 - Identifying and Preventing Split Transactions Using the Purchase Card


Web Sites:

Points of Contact:

Procurement and Contracting

James (Jim) Wiltse
Contract Specialist
USDA-ARS-WBSC Acquisition Branch
Natural Resources Research Center
2150 Centre Ave., Bldg. D, Suite 310
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8119
Telephone: (970) 492-7017
Fax: (970) 492-7031

Lucinda (Cindy) Cose 
Actin Branch Chief 
USDA-ARS Acquisition Branch
1001 Holleman Drive, East 
College Station, TX 77840-4117
Telephone: (979) 260-9447
Fax: (979) 260-9413

Credit Cards

Rebecca Coulter
Area Agency Program Coordinator (AAPC)
USDA-ARS-WBSC Acquisition Branch
1001 Holleman Drive, East
College Station, TX  77840-4117
Telephone: (979) 260-9325
Fax: (979) 260-9344

Angelia Fleming-Loggie
REE Purchase Card Agency Program Coordinator
USDA-ARS Acquisitions Programs and Oversight Branch
Acquisition and Property Division
5601 Sunnyside Avenue, Rm. 3-2108B
Beltsville, MD 20705-5117
Telephone: (301) 504-1730
Fax: (301) 504-1739

REE IAS Help, First Contact

USDA IAS Help Desk

Telephone: (888) 427-1631 (voice mail after hours)
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time

USDA Charge Card Service Center (CCSC) – Points of Contact


From:      Dick Jansen


Date:       8/27/03 3:52PM

Subject:  Purchase of Non-Monetary Items/Token Awards

A question came up recently regarding the use of appropriated funds to purchase non-monetary items for use as employee recognition/awards. We in the procurement field have been ingrained over the years to answer "no, Comp General decisions say we can’t do that". However, this is no longer the case, we can now do that.

A three page fact sheet on the ARS HR website states in part "token awards may be purchased using operating budgets. The authority for this is 5 USC 4501-06, which is to be entered on the purchase paperwork". The fact sheet gives examples of token items, which include medals, mugs, pen/pencil sets, hats, shirts, jackets, and other things. If you would like to take a look at it or print a copy of the fact sheet for your records, here is how you access it.

From the AFM website (, under Human Resources Division, select Awards, then “Non-Monetary Award Fact Sheets”

The “Non-Monetary Extra Award (Token/Keepsake Award)” document was updated 12/2012 and is available:

Last Modified: 5/1/2015
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