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Second Generation Treatment System
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Second-Generation Treatment System for Management of Livestock Manure: ARS Scientists at Florence, South Carolina, and business cooperators have developed a streamlined second-generation swine manure management process that delivers healthier pigs, healthier profits, and a healthier environment. A U.S. Patent 7,674,379 was issued in 2010. The system used solid-liquid separation and nitrogen and phosphorus removal processes that replaced traditional anaerobic lagoons with a system that produces a clean, deodorized, and disinfected effluent. It was certified by the State of North Carolina as an Environmentally Superior Technology (EST) due to its efficacy in reducing problems of ammonia emissions, excess nitrogen and phosphorus, pathogens, odors, and heavy metals. North Carolina and USDA NRCS’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program started a statewide Lagoon Conversion Program (LCP) that provides financial support to livestock farmers installing an EST for manure management. The revamped system met EST standards at one-third the cost of the previous version. The new system also cut emissions of methane and nitrous oxide - powerful greenhouse gases - by 97 percent. Animal health and production also benefited: Swine daily weight gain increased, feed conversion improved, and animal mortality decreased. Using the second-generation system instead of the lagoon system, the farmer sold 61,400 pounds more hogs - a 5.8% increase - per growing cycle. This technology was featured as an example of five carbon-reducing technologies that can quickly create green jobs in America in the report "Manufacturing Climate Solutions: Carbon-Reducing Technologies and U.S. Jobs," that was presented at the first Middle Class Task Force meeting organized by the White House. The new technology is being commercialized by Terra Blue Inc., of Clinton, N.C. The scientists received the 2010 Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for Excellence in Technology Transfer.

2010 FLC Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer
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Final Report (Full PDF) Adobe Acrobat PDF icon

Development of a second-generation environmentally superior technology for treatment of swine manure in the USA.Adobe Acrobat PDF icon

  2nd Generation superior waste system    

Development of Environmentally Superior technology

On-Farm First Generation system: ( Full PDFAdobe Acrobat PDF icon)
Full-scale demonstration at Goshen Ridge farm. System was determined as unconditional Environmental Superior Technology for new farms which are permitted and constructed for the first time after March 2005, and for expansion of existing swine farms  ( Williams, 2006).

"clear blue" swine lagoon

Blue Lagoon on Pig Farms?A new waste-handling system can make it a reality.

compost from swine wastes Image of Video camera

Adobe Acrobat PDF icon   The centralized solids processing facility produced quality composts that conserved 95-100% of the nitrogen and other nutrients into a stabilized product with an earthy scent that met Class A biosolids standards due to high pathogen reduction.

Virtual Tour of Treatment Facility(>10 mins; Requires high speed connection  & Windows Media Player or other .mpg player)

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