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Cytogenetics Research Projects

Development of Mapping Populations from Sheath Blight Resistant Oryza species


Funded as part of the USDA-CSREES RiceCAP program

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To identify sheath blight resistance rice wild relatives (Oryza species) and incorporate this sheath blight resistance into the background of U.S. rice varieties.   

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  Exploring the Genetic Basis of Transgressive Variation in Rice    


 Funded by the National Science Foundation

in cooperation with Cornell University

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Determine if rice sub-population structure is predictive of transgressive variation (the occurrence of progeny displaying phenotypes more extreme than either parent) and to begin to characterize the underlying genetic basis of this phenomenon.

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Development of Mapping Populations between U.S. Rice Varieties and Wild Oryza species


Incorporate useful traits, like sheath blight resistance, into the background of U.S. rice varieties by developing mapping populations between the selected U.S. rice varieties and wild Oryza species accessions containing the desired traits.

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Identification of Trisomic Rice Plants


Re-identify the IR36 trisomic ricents developed at the International Rice  Research Institute in the Philippines after completing the U.S. quarantine process for rice.

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Current Project Personnel

Supported by USDA-ARS

Georgia Eizenga , Research Geneticist

Quynh Ho , Biological Science Lab Technician

Robert Floyd , STEP student

Supported by grant funds to the University of Arkansas

Rice Research and Extension Center

Liakat Ali , Post-doctoral Associate

Teresa Hancock , Program Technician I

Bishwajit Prasad , Post-doctoral Associate

Daniel Wood , Greenhouse Technician

Grant Brock, summer intern

Chance Jackson, summer intern

Last Modified: 9/26/2013
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