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ARS News Articles

A "One-stop Shop" for Wasp Identity Information
Aug 19, 2015
Agricultural Research Service Announces "Scientist of the Year" Awards
Jun 11, 2013
Wasps Wage War on Behalf of Wiliwili Trees
Sep 27, 2010
Database Documents Names for More Than 150,000 Diptera Species
Aug 29, 2008
Fruit Fly Diversity Is in the Details
May 16, 2008
Palm Mite Is Red Threat on the Horizon
May 18, 2007
Two "New" Moths May Thwart Troublesome Weeds
Feb 20, 2007
Entomology Pioneer's Notes, Still Relevant, Now Online
May 22, 2006
Work To Identify Possible Foes of Ash-Killing Beetle
Jan 31, 2005
After 17 Years, the Cicadas Are Coming
Apr 21, 2004
On the Lookout for Mite-Borne Citrus Threat
Mar 11, 2004
On the Front Lines Against Scaley Invaders
Dec 09, 2003
Flea Beetle Getting at Root of Invasive Weed Problem
Jun 24, 2003
ARS Insect Lab Identifies Beetle Threatening Ash Trees
May 28, 2003
New Genus and Five New Species of Moths Discovered in Colorado
Sep 24, 2002
New Stilt Bug Species Discovered
Jul 24, 2002
Bugs Behind the Scenes at Natural History Museum
Jun 10, 2002
Wasps Could Spoil Mealybug Party
Aug 17, 2001
Mites--New Technology Aids Identification
Oct 05, 2000
Lost Tribe of Leafhoppers Found, May Lead to Better Controls
Oct 28, 1999
Insect "UFO's" Identified at Marine Corps Air Station
Sep 08, 1999
Alien Wood-Boring Beetles Turn up in Six New States
Sep 28, 1998
Handbook Underway to Help Unmask New Wood-Boring Beetle
Feb 04, 1998
New Handbook Makes Controlling Leafy Spurge Easier
Jan 02, 1998
New Mealybug Invader to Face More of Its Natural Foes
Jul 10, 1997
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