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Erhan, Sevim
Center Director
(215) 233-6595
Eastern Regional Research Center
600 East Mermaid Lane
Wyndmoor PA 19038

Eastern Regional Research Center conducts fundamental, applied and developmental research on a broad spectrum of agricultural commodities with the following major thrusts: • Chemical and microbial food safety and food preservation technologies • Sustainable bioenergy and agricultural practices • Advanced dairy and food processing technologies • Edible films and active packaging technologies • Bioactive ingredients and functional foods • Biobased products We strive to develop new knowledge and technologies, and we transfer our scientific discoveries to stakeholders and clients in both private and public sectors through strategic partnerships.

Upcoming Events

July 30 - American Red Cross Blood Drive to be held in the Auditorium from 8:30 am to 1:15 pm

July 31 - Seminar:  "A comparison of ethanol yields and stillage compositions during fermentation of corn or grain sorghum (Milo)" presented by Derrick Freshcorn, Plant Pathology Major, Ohio State University and USDA Wallace-Carver Fellow; to be held in Room 3008 at 10:30 am

August 4 - Seminar:  "Genomics of pathogenic fungi to solve apple decay and mycotoxin contamination for food safety" presented by Dr. Jiujiang Yu, Research Geneticist, Beltsville Agricultural Research Center; to be held in Room 3008 at 9:30 am

August 20 - Eastern Regional Research Center's 75th Anniversary:  Celebrating 75 Years of Research and Innovation

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