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Roelfs F2007
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Farmer's Day 2008, Obregon, Mexico
 the release of variety Roelfs F2007
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Retired Cereal Disease Laboratory research plant pathologist Alan Roelfs was recently recognized for his dedicated contribution to the study of rust on wheat and his training and mentoring of students by the release of a new cultivar, Roelfs F2007, at a ceremony in April at Obregon, Mexico in partnership with the the Agricultural Research and Experiment Trust of the State of Sonora (PIEAES)  and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). 

Dignitaries from CIMMYT, PIAEAS, CIRNO, INIFAP, Fundacion Produce Sonora, and the undersecretary of Agriculture of Sonora were on hand for the dedication which was widely covered by the press and media. 

Roelfs F2007 is the result of the  cross Kamba1*2/Kukuna.  The new bread wheat is higher yielding, has adult plant (slow rusting) resistance to leaf rust and stripe (yellow) rust (Lr34, Yr18  along with several minor additive genes) and good quality characteristics.

Roelfs F2007 demonstration field


Roelfs F2007 plot at Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat meeting, Obregon, Mexico
(from left to right Julio Huerta, Pedro Figueroa, Ravi Singh, Alan Roelfs and Mohammad Reza Jalal Kamali)


(Alan Roelfs and Keltoum Rh’rib)


(Sybil Herrera, Alan Roelfs and Julio Huerta)


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(click to see larger image)

 The presentation of the statue and plaque in recognition of Alan and the release of Roelfs F2007


Alan was unaware when he accepted the gracious invitation to visit the area that he was to be honored with the release of a variety in his name and was nearly speechless at the tribute.

“It’s a great honor.  I’ve worked with researchers from INIFAP, and also visited CIMMYT on various occasions to attend meetings, offer information, ask questions, and listen to what they propose, and with all that you form an image of the problem and possible solutions for which I am very grateful” Roelfs said in an interview.


Alan's dedication plaque and statue (left to right  Arun Joshi, Alan Roelfs, Ravi Singh, and Julio Huerta)


The National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Animal Research, through the Northeast Regional Research Center

Grants the following recognition to:

Dr. Alan P. Roelfs

For his dedicated contribution to the study of wheat rusts and training of research personnel from the Institute.

As a testimony of appreciation a new wheat variety for the southern part of Sonora has been named ROELFS F2007, in partnership with the Agricultural Research and Experiment Trust of the State of Sonora and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center

More on Alan Roelfs' career and legacy  

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