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United States Department of Agriculture

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Hard Winter Wheat Quality Laboratory
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USDA/ARS, Hard Winter Wheat Quality Laboratory



1515 College Ave, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Hard Winter Wheat 75th Anniversary


Mission Statement
  • To provide technical and professional services for evaluation of the milling and baking performances of wheat breeding lines or existing wheat varieties for wheat breeders, geneticists, entomologists, pathologists, and agronomists.
  • To conduct both basic and applied research into quality characteristics of hard winter wheats in order to better understand and predict wheat/flour based end-product quality.
  • To develop innovative and rapid methods for efficiently and effectively assessing the quality of wheat breeding lines (including early generation with limited sample sizes), existing wheat varieties, and commercial wheats.
  • To be actively involved in important wheat projects for the Wheat Quality Council, which advocates the development of new wheat varieties that improve the value of wheat to all parties in the United States supply chain, and for Overseas Varietal Analysis that brings wheat quality analysis information from overseas users back to the U.S. wheat industry and wheat breeders for completing wheat marketing shares in the world, and for the Regional Performance Nursery, which enhances development of new wheat varieties in hard winter wheat growing areas.


Regional Performance Nursery Data

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Test Methods

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Technical Q & A
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Wheat Quality Targets

Last Modified: 5/26/2016