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GFRA in a nutshell


Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is highly infectious and remains a threat to livestock economies worldwide. Through the efforts of research centers we've learnt a lot about this complex disease - now is the time to accelerate progress by working more closely together.


Launched in 2003, GFRA is a worldwide association of animal research organizations that are involved in combating FMD. Its aim is to build a global alliance of partners to generate and share knowledge - in a virtual FMD laboratory - to develop tools that can better combat the threat of the disease.


GFRA will facilitate the mission of the alliance by supporting strategic objectives that will advance the progressive control and eradication of FMD (see inside brochure).

What next?

The recently agreed GFRA action plan aims to:
1. Identify partnership opportunities and promote funding of collaborative research projects
2. Expand and coordinate the alliance and organize further meetings
3. Bring together experts to analyse gaps and set research priorities
4. Seek funding for further activities
5. Develop a website and other outreach materials

GFRA will continue to build the alliance by adding new members and reaching out to partners and stakeholders worldwide. It will hold at least one general meeting annually and will hold regular scientific meetings to advance its goals and objectives.


Goal 1
Facilitate research collaborations and serve as a communication gateway for the global FMD research community [read more...]

Goal 2
Conduct strategic research to better understand Foot and Mouth Disease [read more...]

Goal 3
Development of the next generation of control measures and strategies for their application [read more...]

Goal 4
Determine social and economic impacts of new generation of improved FMD control [read more...]

Goal 5
Provide evidence to inform development of policies for safe trade of animals and animal products in FMD endemic areas [read more...]