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Disease BioPortal

The Disease BioPortal is a web-based system that provides real-time or near-real time access to local, regional, and global disease information and data. The system provides access to publicly available databases, as well as to private data through secure routing and sharing mechanisms. Tools are available for spatio-temporal display, graphics, and phylogenetic analysis of the data, as well as for downloading or uploading data. The Disease BioPortal is operated and maintained by the FMD laboratory at the University of California, Davis, and is supported through a consortium of national and international institutions, agencies, and organizations.

F M D Bioportal

Version 3.0 Release

Version 3.0 of the BioPortal (, which is now referred to as the Disease BioPortal, was released today by the FMD Lab at the Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance at UC Davis. The Disease BioPortal is an unrestricted, public web site created by the FMD Lab and has been in operation since January 2007. The Disease BioPortal operates with support from a consortium of organizations that engages funding from the National Center for Medical Intelligence, the University of California, the USDA Animal Research Service, and the FAO, for purposes of making global disease data and information available in real time or near real time for display and analysis. Version 3.0 of the Disease BioPortal allows access to, and display of, data for >40 animal disease and syndromes reported by a number of agencies and organizations. Specific searches and interrogations can be performed for serotype, date, location, and other epidemiological parameters, and data can be downloaded in Excel, Access, or XML files. Data can be presented in graphic and tabular form and visualized using a spatio-temporal visualization program that maps the progression of cases over time and geographic location. Case location also can be displayed using Google Earth.

What is new and unique in version 3.0 of the Disease BioPortal?

Updated and new databases: Whereas version 2.0 of the FMD BioPortal was exclusive for FMD, the new Disease BioPortal has an expanded repertoire of more than 40 diseases and accompanying databases, including the addition of new databases to the FMD section. Users automatically receive information about global FMD events through the FMD News and RVF News.

Operation and scope: In collaboration with many agencies, organizations, and institutes, the Disease BioPortal obtains in near real-time disease information from multiple data streams from public data sources world-wide. The design permits merging of data in disparate and non standardized formats

Visualization and analytical tools: Tools available in the Disease BioPortal allow for searches, assimilation, spatio-temporal viewing, mapping, and analysis of the data, including creation of selected phylogenetic trees for specified agents.

Routing and secure data analysis: In addition to viewing of public data, the Disease BioPortal allows for secure routing and sharing of confidential data and the comparative analysis of personal or private data.